30 Jan 2024 11:10AM

    Żabka auctions a GOCC Golden Heart!

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    Żabka auctions a GOCC Golden Heart!

    Every year, 100 GOCC Gold Hearts are auctioned during the finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The heart with the number 1 is considered to be the most valuable one and it was the one auctioned by Żabka Group for PLN 1,050,000. Participation in the auction was the crowning achievement of the company’s long-standing commitment to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, as well as highlighting the Group’s 25th anniversary celebrated last year. In addition, the motto of this year’s 32nd Finale was: ‘Post-pandemic lungs. We play for kids and adults alike!’, and it was our goal to support pulmonology wards and provide them with the right equipment to fight the effects of the pandemic. From the very beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, the Żabka Group became heavily involved in activities to increase the safety of its customers, franchisees and employees, as well as providing large-scale support for Polish hospitals in the fight against COVID-19. In total, we donated more than PLN 1,000,000 for these activities at the time. The Golden Heart of this year’s campaign is therefore a kind of symbol of social commitment for the chain.

    The Żabka Group has for years formed the most numerous staff of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland. Colourful GOCC collection boxes stood in over 10,000 Żabka stores. In addition, users of the mobile app were able to donate Żapps to the Foundation, and Żabu wore a special volunteer T-shirt for the occasion.

    Thanks to the commitment of its customers and franchisees, the company donated a total of more than PLN 1,300,000 to the 32nd GOCC Finale.

    On the day of the 32nd Finale, i.e. January 28, this year, the chain’s franchisees also organised a ‘Warm up Volunteer’ campaign, which included free hot drinks for all fundraisers. In total, the company handed out nearly 35,000 teas, coffees and hot chocolates. This means that every third Volunteer in Poland was hosted by Żabka. They were most willing to treat themselves to coffee with milk (over 12 thousand drinks collected), hot chocolate (over 7.7 thousand) and cafe lattes (over 5.6 thousand).


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