01 Jun 2022 12:30PM

    Żabka awarded with as many as two Polityka CSR Leaves

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    Żabka awarded with as many as two Polityka CSR Leaves

    “Polityka” weekly magazine appreciated Żabka’s activities in the field of sustainable development, environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance, as well as the organization’s involvement in helping Ukraine, awarding the chain with the CSR Gold Leaf. Reducing the negative impact on the climate is a key element for the companies awarded the prize. The results of the XI edition of Polityka CSR LEAVES were announced on May 31.

    Żabka believes that the future depends on every small decision made here and now, and therefore it takes several pro-environment actions and encourages and involves customers, employees, franchisees, and partners in their implementation. It is also aware that corporate responsibility and sustainability activities are beginning to be the basis for thinking about how to create the financial and non-financial value of an organization. It is therefore steadily increasing the range of activities undertaken to care for the planet. It actively and continuously strives to minimize its negative environmental impact, working to reduce the energy intensity of operations, seeking low- and zero-carbon energy sources, testing innovative green technologies, and encouraging consumers to make planet-friendly choices.

    The chain also stands in full solidarity with the Ukrainian community. Many of Ukraine’s citizens are its workers, franchisees, or their associates, and Żabka immediately took measures to provide support to those personally affected by the war. In total, it has delivered more than 520 tons of food and hygiene products to humanitarian organizations.

    It is this kind of activity, carried out by the multidisciplinary team of employees of Żabka, that was appreciated by “Polityka” weekly, which awarded the Gold and Green CSR Leaf to the chain.

    The Gold, Silver, and White CSR Leaves of POLITYKA have been awarded for the eleventh time. This year, for the first time, the editorial board introduced a new category – CSR Green Leaf – a distinction for companies for whom the reduction of negative impact on the climate, the prevention of and adaptation to climate change are key elements of strategic activities in business and relations with stakeholders, including suppliers, business partners, employees, and customers.

    To participate in the ranking, companies had to complete an online survey based on the guidelines of the ISO 26 000 standard. Consultancy firm Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum are substantive partners of POLITYKA CSR Leaves.

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