19 Jul 2023 15:27PM

    Żabka develops smart solutions for franchisees

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    Żabka develops smart solutions for franchisees

    Żabka develops a series of information and image videos devoted to smart solutions dedicated to franchisees. Thanks to them, they can supplement their knowledge and competencies, manage their stores more efficiently, and develop their local businesses. Improved Development Platform, Planogram Generator, and Chatbot Franek – these are just some of the tools available for them.

    – We are the fastest growing modern convenience network in Europe and solutions created together with our partners make life easier for our customers and entrepreneurs who run their business with us. The tool supports franchisees in managing stores and facilitates the day-to-day tasks of their employees. Innovative technologies are something that most of them, acting entirely alone, would not be able to afford. The next series of Smart Żabka materials is to introduce the functionality of these tools and show the benefits of their use – emphasizes Przemysław Kijewski, COO at Żabka Polska.

    The Improved Development Platform, for use by franchisees and their employees, allows the use of various tools from the phone or computer. It contains, among others, VR 360 – a virtual walk around the store and a knowledge base about it, including manuals of equipment, as well as theoretical and practical development programs and numerous training courses. For staff with Ukrainian citizenship, a tutorial of the Polish language was also considered. Planogram Generator is an intelligent algorithm that analyzes the data of a specific store, including sales, product rotation, and its surroundings – thanks to which a product range that meets the expectations of customers in a specific location is ordered. Chatbot Franek is a virtual consultant available 24 hours a day, who provides assistance complementing the activities of the team of specialists from the franchisee dedicated unit – Franchisee Support Center. One of the new videos is also devoted to an innovative system that sets out the potential of locating a future store. It is based on artificial intelligence, taking into account, among others, the volume of traffic, demographic data, the neighborhood of educational institutions, or planned investments in the area.

    The first series of materials dealt with other top modern solutions of Żabka, including Cyberstore – an application that is a remote management center of a franchise store using a smartphone; Optiplan – a package of solutions designed to optimize the activities performed and better plan the team’s tasks, motion sensors inside and outside stores or Internet of Things – artificial intelligence, thanks to which the equipment, through a message sent to the phone, informs, among others, about the need for repair by Intervention Service Groups.

    Videos on Smart Business will be available on the franchise website: www.zabka.pl/franczyza and on the YouTube channel:

    Spot 1: Planogram: https://youtu.be/RRvwfomYb_s

    Spot 2: Support Center: https://youtu.be/HjiAZGr_D0I

    Spot 3: Expansion: https://youtu.be/3dy74jMBkDg

    Spot 4: Development Platform: https://youtu.be/iuSAEAWonfA

    Żabka is testing further intelligent tools that are available at the moment in selected locations. In Smart Żabka operating in Poznań, for example, the automatic temperature measurement in the store and its adaptation to weather conditions or the measurement of energy consumption is examined. The most effective solutions are adapted in successive franchise Żabka stores in different parts of Poland. More about franchising with the Żabka chain at: www.zabka.pl/franczyza


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