16 Nov 2022 16:41PM

    Żabka Eko Smart – clean air for Łódź

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    Żabka Eko Smart – clean air for Łódź

    A Żabka Eko Smart store already operates in Łódź – a city that is the seat of a great industry, where for centuries many nationalities, cultures, and customs have been mixed together. The store uses, among others, the latest generation of air purification systems (Safe Air) and energy-saving refrigerators, in which the coolant is carbon dioxide (CO₂), minimizing the impact on the environment through the much smaller greenhouse effect. The store is powered by clean, green energy produced by a wind turbine installed on the roof.

    The Żabka Eko Smart in Łódź operates at 38 Stefana Okrzei Street. It is the second of its kind – the first was launched by the chain in September this year in Poznań.

    Żabka Eko Smart is a kind of ecological innovation laboratory enriched with smart solutions optimizing the work of franchisees. Such facilities are packed with innovative technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, which work together with the store’s employees, freeing up their time. In Żabka Eko Smart in Łódź, we focused on innovations focused mainly on clean air – we test the latest generation of air purification systems in it. However, there are also solutions in place for green energy, second life, and green transport. I believe that they will be appreciated not only by the franchisees and their employees, whose work will become easier but also by our customers who – using a solar bench or a bicycle repair station – will have the opportunity to join in the positive action of Żabka for the environment – says Przemysław Kijewski, COO Żabka Polska.

    Żabka Eko Smart stores are part of the Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy, one of the main objectives of which is to care for the environment, including achieving climate neutrality by the end of 2025 and reducing the intensity of emissions in stores by 70% by the end of 2026 and increasing franchisees’ satisfaction with the cooperation with the chain.

    Safe air

    The air quality in Żabka Eko Smart in Łódź is taken care of by Safe Air, the latest generation of a store-based air purification system that purifies the air from harmful pollutants, absorbing also the smallest particles, including viruses and bacteria. The HEPA H14 filters are used to provide more than 99.995% filtering efficiency.

    The effect of elimination of harmful substances will be additionally reinforced by the anti-smog paving laid next to the building, which – compared to asphalt – reduces the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the air by approximately 50% on average. The effect is particularly felt by young children, as the cleanest air rises close to the ground and reaches up to the height of the baby stroller.

    Green energy

    The energy used by the Żabka Eko Smart in Łódź comes from renewable sources – 24 modules of photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of the store, and their operation is complemented by the wind turbine, which further reduces the carbon footprint. Day and night, it produces clean green energy for the store. Green energy can also be used directly by customers – in front of the store, there is a solar bench, thanks to which a phone can be charged.

    The Łódź Żabka Eko Smart uses refrigerators in which the cooling agent is carbon dioxide (CO₂). This solution not only saves energy but also minimizes environmental impact through a much smaller greenhouse effect (compared to conventional refrigerants). This CO₂ application is safe for the ozone layer.

    Especially for the needs of the store, a multi-device management system has been created, which helps protect the environment and save energy (also green). It allows for remote monitoring and control of functions and parameters, as well as troubleshooting (e.g. switching on/off of the light, switching on/off of the device, blocking the control panel, and temperature control of the device). It also allows for immediate failure detection.

    Second life

    The tabletop installed next to the coffee machine is made of resin-bonded coffee grounds and husks, which are waste produced during the roasting and brewing stage. And the insulation of modern, closed refrigerators was created from hemp mats, which have very good thermal properties. This is a promising alternative to the commonly used polyurethane foam, as hemp – as a natural material – is fully biodegradable.

    In front of the Łódź Żabka Eko Smart, there is also an EKOmat, a device for collecting bottles and cans of beverages. New packaging for products of the Żabka private labels, e.g. Od Nowa water, which has a carbon footprint 33% smaller than the traditional packaging, will be made from the empty packaging collected in this way.

    The receipts from the cash register, as proof of purchase, are printed on recyclable paper – the total percentage of recyclable weight is 98.2%, which means that this paper can be thrown into the recycled bin.

    Green transport

    Cyclists are also not forgotten by the chain. The bicycle stand allows you to safely leave your bicycle in front of the shop, and the bicycle repair station located next to the facility will allow you to quickly adjust the brakes and gears, inflate the wheels, and make emergency repairs.


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