23 Sep 2022 15:46PM

    Żabka Eko Smart is worthy of Poznań!

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    Żabka Eko Smart is worthy of Poznań!

    Poznań is an important point on the map of trade and new technology development in Poland. Here – at 2 Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street – Żabka opens a laboratory of ecological innovations enriched with smart solutions, i.e. a Żabka Eko Smart. It uses one of the first perovskite installations in the world – so-called price tags and blinds with perovskite cells have been made in this breakthrough technology. The facility is equipped with remote lighting management and Smart Shop Control systems, and next to the coffee stand there are tiles made of moss and coffee husks. Closed, insulated with hemp mats, refrigerators allow for great energy saving, just like glycol-filled shelves in the freezer cabinet.

    Żabka Eko Smart is a continuation of the project implemented in 2020, when in Warsaw at Lewandów Street the chain launched the first store 100% powered by green energy. The Warsaw facility is a laboratory in which Żabka – often the first company in the world – tests nearly 20 environmentally friendly solutions, showing the direction in which the future of trade will develop. The next step was the launch in April 2022 of a Żabka Smart store at Półwiejska Street in Poznań, where new technological solutions aimed at improving the work of franchisees are being studied. Now the chain connects and enriches both projects by developing a unique project – the Żabka Eko Smart.

    We are entering the next stage of the project and are launching the Żabka Eko Smart, the first facility in Poland, where we combine environmental issues with modern technological solutions, improving the work of franchisees and their employees. By presenting new solutions, we also encourage customers to acquire completely different purchasing experiences. We hope that in this way we will additionally sow curiosity in them and encourage pro-ecological actions – says Anna Grabowska, Vice President of the Management Board for Consumer Strategy, Żabka Group.

    The smart solutions used in Żabka Eko Smart are not only energy efficient but also significantly improve the daily work of the franchisee and the store.

    Żabka Eko Smart is packed with innovative technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, which work together with the store’s operation. Flooding sensors, automatic temperature measurement in the store, and energy consumption measurement release their time, allowing them to focus on customer service, and at the same time are friendly to the planet. This is another step in the implementation of the strategy of franchise-centricity, according to which Żabka creates innovative solutions that help entrepreneurs run a local business, in addition to doing it in the most environmentally friendly way. The realization of our goals would not be possible without good cooperation with the Poznań City Hall and the Municipal Conservation Officer – says Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director, Żabka Polska.

    Thanks to the openness of the officials to innovations and environmentally friendly solutions, the chain’s customers, the Żabka Eko Smart franchisee and his employees can test the ideas implemented by Żabka in practice.

    The innovative solutions used in the store “communicate” with us and “perform” some activities in the facility, which greatly improves my work of the work of my employees and allows us to focus on what we do best, i.e. sales and customer service. This in turn allows us to build good, local relationships with our customers –says Norbert Kruk, a franchisee of Żabka Eko Smart at 2 Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street in Poznań.

    The technologies used in the Żabka Eko Smart revolve around five key categories: green energy, second life, clean air, green transport, and smart solutions. Soon, Żabka is planning to launch three more such stores in different parts of the country.

    A movie about Żabka Eko Smart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm-fuDJ-8cM

    The Żabka Eko Smart store is part of the Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy, one of the main areas of which is a concern for the environment, including achieving climate neutrality by the end of 2025 and reducing the intensity of emissions in stores by 70% by the end of 2026 and increasing franchisees’ satisfaction with the cooperation with the chain.


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