06 Jun 2023 7:46AM

    Żabka frees up time in the summer season! 124 Seasonal Żabka stores will make it easier for customers to relax

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    Żabka frees up time in the summer season! 124 Seasonal Żabka stores will make it easier for customers to relax

    This year, Żabka will open 124 seasonal stores, which is more than 20% more than last year. The first ones, in popular Baltic towns, were opened in the second half of April so that customers could use them during their holiday during the long May weekend. Ultimately, most will be open before Corpus Christi. This year, seasonal Żabka stores will appear in 24 new locations, including the settlement of Przyjezierze on the Ostrowski Lake (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship), in the Kashubian villages of Nadole and Swornegacie (Pomeranian Voivodeship), in the village of Mielenko on the Słowiński Lake District (West-Pomeranian Voivodeship) and in the capital of Polish sailing, i.e. Giżycko (Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship). Seasonal stores provide convenience to tourists, giving them permanent access to the products and services offered by the chain. They are also an opportunity for additional development and revenue for franchisees who run stores in standard locations daily.

    We open more and more seasonal stores every year to be even closer to our customers and to simplify their lives and consequently free up their time. We want them to be able to fully enjoy their vacation during holidays or weekend trips. Regardless of the location – both in the Baltic towns and on the Masurian lakes – in the seasonal Żabka stores one can find the product mix well-known to customers, which is a proven and safe choice, as well as several convenient services says Przemysław Kijewski, COO in Żabka Polska.

    More and more seasonal Żabka stores

    The first modular seasonal Żabka stores were established in 2016 by the sea – in Międzywodzie and Międzyzdroje. From the beginning, they have been very well perceived by customers and franchisees cooperating with the chain, which is why every year Żabka develops this concept. The seasonal stores of Żabka chain are both stationary establishments and those located in specially placed pavilions. The chain develops the concept in holiday and tourist destinations, which customers choose as the destination of their holiday or weekend trips.

    Last year I ran a seasonal store in Trzęsacz, and this year I decided to set up a facility located in Międzyzdroje. Such retail outlets have a very high sales potential and are willingly visited by customers – says Barbara Budnik, a franchisee of Żabka store. – The management of such an outlet is a very interesting professional experience, which also brings measurable financial benefits – she adds.

    In 2023, Żabka will open as many as 28 seasonal container shops and 96 stationary establishments, also operating seasonally. Most seasonal Żabka stores will appear on the Baltic Sea – 8 in Mielno, 7 in Łeba, 7 in Niechorze, 6 in Jarosławiec, 6 in Międzywodzie, 6 in Władysławowo and 5 in Rewal. Seasonal stores of Żabka will also operate on lakes – in Giżycko, Jedwabno, Mikołajki, Ruciane Nida (all in the Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship), Nowęcin (Pomeranian Voivodeship) and Okuninka and Zwierzyniec (both in the Lublin Voivodeship). Seasonal Żabka stores will not be missing in the towns located on the lakes. They will be found in Sielpia Wielka on the Sielpia basin (Podlaskie Voivodeship) and in Nowa Łuka on the Siemianówka basin.

    Benefits for customers and franchisees

    Seasonal stores are on the one hand a convenience for tourists, who can conveniently make daily grocery purchases during their holidays, choosing from among well-known products. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for additional growth and income for franchisees cooperating with the chain, who run stores on a daily basis in standard locations in the region.

    Moreover, a total of 17 stores, which were seasonal ones, are now permanent. Among them, there are outlets in Charzykowy, Dziwnówek, Mielno, Niechorze, or Rewal. Thanks to this, customers all year round have access to the products and services offered by Żabka, and franchisees can further develop their business with Żabka.

    My store in Międzyzdroje is located on the Promenade of Stars and it is visited by many customers every day, and many are waiting for hot rolls at 6 a.m. Our customers are very demanding. They know Żabka, and in stores located in tourist villages, they look for their favorite products. It is therefore important to take care of daily supplies and fresh products – says Barbara Budnik.

    As a chain, Żabka provides the franchisees running seasonal stores with a pavilion with all the equipment and enables them to operate such an outlet following the chain standards. Franchisees, as independent entrepreneurs, make their own decisions about the employment of employees, including recruitment and possible benefits.


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