17 May 2024 12:06PM

    Żabka Group describes how it implemented its Responsibility Strategy in 2023

    What's up with us?

    Żabka Group describes how it implemented its Responsibility Strategy in 2023

    Thanks to the dynamic growth and innovation of Żabka Group, we can have a positive impact on the Polish economy. This translates, among other things, into creating favourable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, increasing the number of jobs we provide, which currently stand at more than 63,000, and making a difference in the shopping experience of the over 3 million customers who visit our more than 10,000 stores across Poland every day. The actions we took in 2023 have been recognised for the second consecutive year in the prestigious EcoVadis rating, and today we are ranked among the 1% of companies worldwide that best integrate ESG factors into their strategies and operations –says Tomasz Blicharski, EVP of the Management Board, Chief Strategy & Development Officer of Żabka Group.

    The 2023 Responsibility Report

    The “Conveniently and Responsibly” Report is the sixth Responsibility Report prepared by Żabka Group. The publication was prepared in line with the latest non-financial reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

    In line with our strategic approach to social and environmental responsibility, we integrate ESG aspects into all relevant Group plans and activities. Achieving the objectives set in this area requires proper management, commitment, time and resources and, above all, teamwork –says Rafal Rudzki, ESG Director at Żabka Group.

    The cover of the report features a poster designed by Katarzyna Panek. The Żabka Group recognised this as the most accurate visual interpretation of the guiding slogan of its Responsibility Strategy, “Conveniently and Responsibly”, in the the 24th edition of the AMS Poster Gallery’s annual competition. Żabka Group was the main partner of the competition in 2023.

    Żabka Group’s 2023 Responsibility Report is available electronically: https://zabkagroup.com/esg/#raport-ESG


    Responsibility Report 2023

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