20 May 2022 14:00PM

    Żabka Group has established new company Cool-Logistics to provide logistics services for healthy diet catering

    What's up with us?

    Żabka Group has established new company Cool-Logistics to provide logistics services for healthy diet catering

    Żabka Group is constantly looking for new partnerships and solutions aimed at offering high-quality products and services that simplify the lives of millions of consumers in Poland. Another new company, Cool-Logistics, has just joined its portfolio. It will provide logistics services for food transportation, and specially prepared dishes at controlled temperatures. The company will initially serve the entities of Żabka Group, and eventually also other manufacturers of dietary catering.

    Żabka Group is the European leader in creating convenience solutions. Thanks to its organizational structure, it can effectively expand the scope of its activities with complementary services. The organizational unit within the Group, which is responsible for new investments, business development, and technological tools, is Żabka Future. Thanks to its activity, after Maczfit and Dietly.pl and the Lite e-Commerce startup, another entity – Cool-Logistics company – joins Żabka Group’s portfolio.

    – We create businesses that aim at optimal development of the Group and its companies. Last year Żabka Group became the majority shareholder of two companies operating in the dietetic catering market – Maczfit and Dietly.pl. The investment in Cool-Logistics will increase the potential of Żabka, improve the logistics of the companies included in the Group’s portfolio and allow us to provide transport services for our q-commerce platform – Delio. Ultimately, the new company will also provide transport services for a wider group of catering companies, which will represent a great added value for catering producers cooperating with Dietly.pl. It will also benefit our consumers, who will have access to even higher quality service for their orders – says Tomasz Blicharski, EVP, Managing Director of Żabka Future.

    Order delivery in Poznań, Warsaw, and Wrocław

    Cool-Logistics is initially to provide services for Żabka Group companies. It will supply orders mainly in the vicinity of Poznań, Warsaw, and Wrocław, contributing to the improvement of the supply chain. Ultimately, it will also be able to provide logistics services for unrelated entities, including producers cooperating with the Dietly.pl platform and other entities cooperating with Żabka Group.

    At Cool-Logistics we are ready to meet the challenge of improving the supply chain of boxed diets and other fresh products requiring controlled temperature. We want even better control over the freshness, security, and timeliness of supplies. We believe that by providing our services, we will contribute to improving the service of people using dietary catering through our Group companies, which will result in an even better evaluation of their services. We are starting our activities from Poznań, Warsaw, and Wrocław, and at the same time, we are working today to extend its scope – Marcjanna Michalak, President of the Board of Cool-Logistics, announces.

    Boxed diets and Żabka

    The growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet and the rapid pace of life are two main factors that have influenced the popularity of catering services in Poland. Żabka Group, whose customers also care about their free time and good nutrition, has decided to invest in this industry. Joining the leader of catering services – Maczfit, offering a wide range of diets tailored to the needs of customers and catering diet platform – about a year ago – is another proof that Żabka takes care of its customers in a comprehensive manner, trying to meet them and respond to many of their needs.

    Customers of the chain also enjoy the opportunity offered by more than 8,300 stores located throughout the country, where in addition to daily purchases, they can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, buy a well-balanced meal – e.g. a dish to warm at home or a healthy snack and take advantage of many convenient additional services.


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