31 Mar 2023 10:36AM

    Żabka Group is a unique worldwide workplace. It is the first Polish organization with the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2023

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    Żabka Group is a unique worldwide workplace. It is the first Polish organization with the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2023

    Żabka Group is among the top 25% of the best companies in the world, which managed to create one of the most engaging workplaces, as confirmed by the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2023. The Żabka Group is the first Polish organization with such a prize. The Gallup Institute is the world’s oldest public opinion research institute. The award is preceded by a meta-analysis covering data of over 2 million employees in 276 organizations in 54 industries and 96 countries. This is the most comprehensive study of the workplace ever conducted.

    The development of the company and large-scale expansion is impossible without committed teams and strong leaders, therefore, raising the level of employee involvement is considered one of the strategic goals of the Żabka Group. When in 2017 we created the company’s development plan for the next years, we knew that the key to its implementation is to build an engaging organizational culture. Our actions bring tangible results, which is proven by the development of the company in recent years. Today, with the Gallup Award, we can also proudly say that we have created one of the most engaging workplaces in the world – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer in Żabka Group.

    The Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (GEWA) recognizes the most engaging workplaces in the world where employees feel they belong to the company, and identify with its values and mission, for which work is a real passion. The winners of the award are organizations that create unique workplaces changing for the better. According to Gallup data, as many as 72% of the people employed in the GEWA-winning organizations are committed workers, whereas the global average is only 21%.

    Żabka regularly surveys the involvement of the Employees.

    Companies that put employees’ engagement at the center of their business strategy and integrate this engagement into their organizational culture achieve better results, and employees are more motivated and more willing to recommend an employer. That’s why Żabka has been regularly surveying the commitment and satisfaction of its employees for five years.

    According to the latest results of the Gallup Institute survey, Żabka was among the TOP 25% of companies in the world with the most engaging organizational culture, reaching the 77th percentile among companies worldwide.

    The teams involved are tangible benefits, because the employees involved work with passion, are more efficient, and achieve high, stable results in their work. They innovate and contribute to the development of the organization.

    Engagement drives concrete business indicators. According to Gallup, organizations with high levels of involvement also show 41% less absence, 59% less staff turnover, and 10% higher levels of customer engagement. The level of commitment also affects job security. Companies that maintain high levels report as much as 70% fewer security incidents.

    The Gallup study is anonymous and includes all Żabka employees and associates. The turnout in the last study was a record 92% (compared to the average for all Gallup studies of this type at 82%).

    In Żabka, the annual results of Gallup’s engagement survey are discussed with the board and top managers, and then with the teams. Such meetings aim to present the results and main conclusions of the analysis. It is also an excellent opportunity to discuss and set priorities for the next year. Thanks to Gallup’s questions, managers know, among other things, what is important for the team, what they can be proud of, and what else requires work, so that everyone can develop and release their potential. The involvement of the board and top managers guarantees the implementation of changes and cascades them to managers and their teams.

    Other activities undertaken by Żabka to develop diversity and inclusive organizational culture, the company describes in the report “Comfortably and Responsibly” published in June. This is the fourth overview of the activities carried out under the Responsibility Strategy published by the Żabka Group. It is available electronically: Responsibility Report

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