21 Dec 2022 20:53PM

    Żabka has opened two stores on the A2 motorway. These are the 9000th and 9001st jubilee facilities

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    Żabka has opened two stores on the A2 motorway. These are the 9000th and 9001st jubilee facilities

    From December 22 this year, customers traveling on the Wielkopolska Motorway will be able to make quick purchases in two Żabka stores located in motorway service areas, the so-called MOPs – Gnilec (the last rest stop before the German border) and Sosna (the first rest stop point after entering Poland from Germany). The new format includes the 9000th and 9001st jubilee stores. The new format is tailored to the needs of travelers, who can benefit from an extended range of hot snacks, coffee, and sandwiches or salads.

    – We are a chain close to the needs of our customers. That is why for several years we have been creating new formats of stores, adapted to the location and expectations of consumers, but we also give our franchisees the chance to run a good, local business. Today we open a new chapter in our development and debut with a unique concept in the country. Responding to the needs of travelers on the A2 motorway, we set up two jubilee stores nos 9000 and 9001 in rest areas for drivers. Our new concept is a friendly place for travelers, where not only can they eat a tasty hot dog or drink coffee, but also take advantage of a wide range of sandwiches, salads, or plant-based products – says Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director, Żabka Polska.

    Responding to the needs of travelers

    The average time travelers (except professional drivers) spend staying at the motorway service areas (MOPs) varies from 15 minutes to 1 hour.[1] This is the time to make small purchases, eat and rest before continuing their journey. The establishment of Żabka chain stores in these locations, whose products and services are well known to consumers, adds value to the MOPs’ offer. As these stores are open around the clock and additionally equipped with self-service checkouts, shopping in them is quick and convenient and avoids standing in queues. Żabka stores at MOP Gnilec and MOP Sosna are therefore an interesting proposal for people who have little time, looking for a healthier meal alternative (including plant-based food), as well as professional drivers looking for basic supplies and a home-cooked meal.

    As a responsible partner of motorists, Wielkopolska Motorway takes care not only of the comfort and safety of travel but also of providing additional services that drivers can use. Rest areas on motorways and expressways are extremely important from the point of view of safety – during a long journey, drivers can rest on them, refuel, eat a meal and prepare for the further road. Cooperation with Żabka is the result of our proactive approach to travelers and their needs – we take into account their opinions and introduce solutions that make the rest areas more attractive places – saysSebastian Joachimiak, Board Member in Autostrada Wielkopolska S.A.

    Modern design

    Pavilions, in which Żabka stores operate in the rest areas, are modern and dynamic structures. The shape of the pavilion was designed for easy recognition on expressways and motorways. The store is based on a structure composed of containers, the outer skin of which is formed by a grid of metal lamella. In the openwork facade made of vertical elements, the architects played with cut-outs referring to Żabka branding. 

    The interior of the store has a dining area with tables where customers can enjoy a meal and rest during the trip. The total area of each store is approx. 135 sqm and the sales room area is approx. 90 sqm.

    The concept of pavilions is the work of designers from the model:lina™ office – a Polish design studio from Poznań, which has been awarded many times in international and national competitions. The designers have created a lightweight and open-to-the-environment pavilion, which finds its form directly in the logo of the brand itself. Architectural and construction design and technical design were made by the boutique studio maKa Architects. 

    Family business

    The Żabka stores in the MOPs on the concession section of A2 are also unique since the franchisees who run them are a married couple from Krosno Odrzańskie who has been cooperating with the Żabka chain for several years.

    – For years I have been successfully developing my own business in cooperation with the Żabka chain. The distinction for me is that I can run, together with my wife, the 9,000th store in such an unusual location. Thanks to the wide range of products and services I have the opportunity to reach a new group of customers – travelers – both from home and abroad. I believe that my store will be a place for them, where they will not only quickly and conveniently make the necessary purchases, but also rest in a relaxed atmosphere before the next stage of the journey – says Tomasz Rogowski, the franchisee of the 9000th Żabka store.

    Żabka – new locations and store format development

    For Żabka the year 2022 is a period of dynamic development and investment in unique solutions, which change the purchasing experience of customers and increase the comfort and efficiency of franchisees’ work. Currently, over 7600 franchisees work with the chain, which operates more than 9000 stores in the whole country. Wanting to be closer to customers, Żabka reaches new locations and develops the format of stores to match new types of locations and ambitious expansion goals. In February the 8000th store in Sieraków was opened, being the first Żabka in this village with several thousand inhabitants. In April, Żabka Smart was launched at Półwiejska Street in Poznań, where new technological solutions aimed at improving the work of franchisees are being researched. In the summer, customers were able to shop in 90 seasonal establishments in tourist villages, and modern mobile Żabka facilities served consumers during many cultural events. The chain’s portfolio in the past year has also been joined by Żabka Eko Smart, a laboratory of eco-innovation enriched with smart solutions optimizing the work of franchisees. The first of its kind was opened in September in Poznań, and the second in November in Łódź. Thanks to the proximity of stores, as well as a tailor-made offer of products and services, Żabka simplifies the life of customers and frees their time.

    [1] IQS survey for Żabka, 2022.


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