14 Oct 2022 14:47PM

    Żabka inaugurates the academic year with an offer for students

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    Żabka inaugurates the academic year with an offer for students

    At the beginning of the new academic year, Żabka opens the first autonomous store in a student dorm, located in the modern Basecamp building in Wrocław. The chain also encourages students to use the “Good Package” program to save food from waste. The program is available in selected facilities in Wrocław and Poznań.

    First Żabka Nano in a student dorm

    The first Żabka Nano in history housed in a student dorm is located in Basecamp in Wrocław, at 18/22 Sienkiewicza Street. The autonomous store was opened on October 10. Basecamp is a modern building in the very center of the city, finished in a loft style, which houses 775 rooms, of which 569 are a so-called dormitory offer, and 206 are for short-term rentals. Nearly half of the tenants are foreign students – from European countries such as France, the Czech Republic, Germany, or Norway, as well as from more distant countries such as Lebanon, Korea, South Africa, Syria, or Zimbabwe.

    Basecamp creates smart and exciting living spaces for young people, mainly students, offering much more than a bed and desk – also many common spaces and amenities and a rich social calendar. There is a gym and a co-living common space. This is a modern approach to housing and an idea with perspective. It was here that Żabka chose to locate the first autonomous store in the space inhabited by students. Thanks to the Żabka Nano, Basecamp tenants will be able to purchase food from the rich offer of Żabka around the clock, 7 days a week.

    Each Basecamp is meticulously selected, designed, and developed to guarantee its residents a unique experience with student accommodation. Our properties are located on campus areas or in city centers, offering fully furnished rooms and high-end amenities. Each Basecamp provides a platform through which students can feel part of the student community, where they will find all the facilities they need to live. We are pleased that in Wrocław we can offer them access and the possibility of shopping in one of the most innovative autonomous stores on the market – Żabka Nano – commented Krzysztof Czarnecki, President of Basecamp in Poland. 

    Zero waste for the environment

    Young people are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment around them and are keen to engage in resource-saving actions. Żabka invites students from Wrocław, as well as from Poznań, to use the “Good Package” project, aimed at counteracting food waste. As part of the action implemented since December 2021, with the guiding slogan “Simple solution for zero waste”, customers in the mobile Żappka app can order a set of two or three products with a short shelf life. “Good Package” is not only a gesture towards protecting raw materials but also an excellent way to save money for the student’s pocket.

    In Żabka we implement and encourage the use of many solutions aimed at preventing food waste. One of them is the “Good Package” tool. Customers are happy to use the opportunity to buy a surprise parcel at half price, consisting of full-value products on their last day of shelf life. Together, we believe we can significantly reduce food waste. We also encourage students, people who are aware of their environmental impact, to take advantage of the offer, so we give them simple solutions that will enable savings on their daily purchases. Students usually reach for products to eat right away – for breakfast or lunch. By buying a “Good Package” in the Żappka app they can be sure that they will get the full-value products, paying 50% less – says Joanna Kasowska, Quality and Food Management Standards Director in Żabka Polska.

    What’s in the “Good Package”?

    There are three types of parcels to choose from: parcels for vegetarians, vegans, and people with no specific nutritional preferences. Products sold as part of the “Good Package” program include lunch dishes, salads, sandwiches, and other snacks. A “Good Package is a surprise parcel – before buying, the customer knows only the category of products that are in it. The finished parcel can be picked up in the store at the time of your choice – its price is 50% of the value of the products, and you should pay for it in the store by any means of payment. In Wrocław, the “Good Package” is available in nearly 180 Żabka stores.

    It is worth remembering that around 1 billion tons of food are wasted every year all over the world, and a statistically significant Pole throws away as much as 247 kg of food during the year. The Żabka’s answer to the problem of food waste is not only the “Good Package” tool but also the creation and development of a convenience ecosystem, which makes it easier for customers to use solutions supporting minimizing food loss. Nearly 90% of the items available in the chain’s stores are for immediate consumption, so they easily meet nutritional needs like hunger or thirst, without having to shop in advance. To prevent food waste in stores, Żabka implemented GS1 codes and QMS (Quick Meal Solutions). The chain is also working with social partners to increase the efficiency of the distribution of food products to people in need of such support, having distributed almost 630 tons of food to non-profit organizations in 2021.


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