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    Żabka inspires and motivates

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    Żabka inspires and motivates

    Żabka willingly supports educational initiatives. The company’s experts share their knowledge and experience with students through employee volunteering, especially in the areas of new technologies, logistics, and advanced analytics. As part of the “Roads to Business” project, implemented jointly with the Adam Mickiewicz 8th High School in Poznań, Żabka took patronage over the economic academic class and worked together with its students on a project promoting equal pay for society. The cooperation also aims to raise young people’s entrepreneurial awareness and stimulate pro-entrepreneurial attitudes.

    Working with universities and schools, we build the image of a socially responsible leader and reach people willing and ready to link their professional future with our company. This is one of the goals of the “Roads to business” project implemented with the 8th High School in Poznań. We also hope that thanks to the “Entrepreneurial Thursday” or the “Patronage Class” we will be able to awaken entrepreneurial attitudes among young people, broaden their knowledge about this subject and encourage them to pursue their professional dreams without fear in the future, including those about their own business – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer in Żabka Group.

    A patronage class, expert meetings, and workshops

    As part of the project “Roads to business”, Żabka took the patronage of the academic 3d class and experts of the chain support its students in the implementation of the social project “Equal pay in business organizations”. The project also includes “Entrepreneurial Thursdays”, i.e. monthly meetings of high school students with representatives of Żabka. During the workshop, chain experts share their knowledge and experience with students and set out a career path. Two expert meetings have already been held: with Katarzyna Słabowska, Logistics Department Director at Żabka Polska, and Paweł Grabowski, Head of Unmanned Solutions at Żabka Future.

    On February 23 and March 9, representatives of Żabka met students of Adam Mickiewicz High School in Poznań. “Entrepreneurial Thursday” was led by the Logistics Director at Żabki – Katarzyna Słabowska, who professionally, competently, and at the same time in a way that is understandable to young people explained the secrets of the company logistics, while Paweł Grabowski spoke about the unique concept of Żabka Nano autonomous stores. The students listened with interest to the speakers, and the thunderous applause at the end was an expression of their recognition. I am convinced that each of those present has learned valuable practical lessons from these meetings – says Dorota Koźlik, project supervisor, and teacher at the Adam Mickiewicz 8th High School in Poznań.

    The project also plans an “Entrepreneurship Day with Żabka”, a workshop for students organized in the headquarters of Żabka, and a visit to one of the chain’s logistics centers. Żabka’s digital and IT experts will also be looking after a group of passionate students who carry out digital projects.

    8 hours a month for volunteering

    As part of the employee volunteering, each Żabka employee can spend up to 8 hours a month helping others during working hours. Żabka’s employees have already been involved in volunteering for the Polish Humanitarian Action, the Polish Red Cross, and in aid activities for refugees from Ukraine. They also had the opportunity to participate in the unique “Parcel with a Smile” action, packaging parcels with gifts for children in need under care, among others, of the Bone Marrow Team Foundation, the Happy Kids Foundation, the In_Spire Foundation, the Association of the Center for the Promotion and Development of Citizens’ Initiatives, as well as small patients in Poznań hospitals.


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