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    Żabka Jush changes the face of its warehouses in collaboration with young generation artists

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    Żabka Jush changes the face of its warehouses in collaboration with young generation artists

    Żabka Jush decided to disenchant the image of Its warehouses. Start-up Lite e-Commerce met the expectations of residents and presented a new look for three sites. Colorful graphics, designed by young generation female artists, appeared in Warsaw, Poznań, and Kraków. In this way, the brand wants to permanently fit into the urban landscape.

    The app brought together three local artists who live in cities where Jush decided to change the image of the display windows. Thanks to this, the designed works reflect the spirit of a particular city and fit into the color of the neighborhood in which a given site operates. The unique atmosphere of the graphics is a combination of the style of each designer with the existing aesthetics of the service’s image communication. Therefore, in the illustrations presented we find a lot of greenery, and the appearing characters are drawn in a modern style.

    We want to fit in with the landscape of the cities in which we operate. That’s why we’re reinventing our warehouses’ display windows, or we’re reaching for such forms of advertising as large-format murals. We’re trying to get people to see us as an urban brand that is close to local communities. To best reflect the climate and color of a given place, we started working with artists from these specific cities. We are glad that we were able to cooperate with young and talented creators, and the results of our joint work please the eye of passers-by and local residents – says Kamil Bąkowski, Marketing & e-Commerce Director w Lite e-Commerce.

    The Lite e-Commerce activity aims to improve the aesthetics of urban space in the area of their warehouses. In the beginning, three locations gained a new face: in Poznań, Kraków, and Warsaw.

    A new beginning in Poznań

    The change in the look of the display windows began in mid-August. The visual design of the Poznań warehouse is the responsibility of Kinga Offert, a young generation artist from the capital of the Greater Poland region, who reached for the most characteristic vivid colors of Jush. Against their backdrop, the residents of Poznań will see unique graphics that combine to create a story about spending free time on things that are important to us, such as developing your passion or playing with your pet. The innovative approach to styling and eye-catching details create a coherent whole that reflects the character of the brand.

    The Vistula in the center of Kraków’s display window

    The most important hero of Kraków’s display window is the Vistula, presented as a center of activity of the inhabitants of Kraków. Bogna Brewczyk, an artist from the capital of the Lesser Poland region responsible for the project, showed the residents of the city spending their free time in the vicinity of the river. It is a direct reference to Jush’s slogan “Do what you want”, encouraging app customers to relax and spend their free time pursuing their passions. Therefore, on the display window of the warehouse on Sukiennicza Street, we will find people who are active in sports, but also walking with a dog or resting in nature. The most characteristic symbol of Kraków, the Wawel dragon, is also present.

    Also in the capital city, Jush disenchants the image of its site

    A walk accompanied by favorite music, immersion in reading a book, or exercising at home was shown on the Warsaw display window as examples of a moment of a break from everyday duties, in which the application from Lite e-Commerce will help us. As in the Poznań version, the whole is supplemented by food products packed in paper bags, in which Jush couriers deliver shopping. The concept of the display window is the responsibility of the Warsaw illustrator Karolina Woźniak, known for her cooperation with the Smyk brand.

    September Żabka Jush promotion

    Start-up Lite e-Commerce in early September launched a new promotional action The more you pack, the more you gain targeted at users of the Żabka Jush service. Under it, the person who makes purchases through the app for a certain amount will get a discount. It depends on the value of the basket. The higher the value, the higher the discount. There are three price ceilings in the current promotion and in each of them five coupons are waiting for customers:

    ● for purchases for min. 40 zlotys the user will get a discount of 10 zlotys;

    ● for purchases for min. 55 zlotys the user will get a discount of 15 zlotys;

    ● for purchases for min. 70 zlotys the user will get a discount of 20 zlotys;

    In addition, an attractive free delivery threshold is still valid, which is covered by any order above PLN 35.

    The promotion is valid from 01.09.2022 to 30.09.2022 until 22:59. The Terms and Conditions of the promotion are available here.


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