09 Aug 2022 9:37AM

    Żabka Jush with an innovative solution. It will deliver the shopping at FEST Festival

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    Żabka Jush with an innovative solution. It will deliver the shopping at FEST Festival

    Żabka Jush will launch a special pickup point for orders placed using the app on the FEST Festival tent field. Lite e-Commerce has prepared a dedicated product range for festival participants. This way they won’t have to leave the venue to prepare their breakfast or grab a snack. In addition, each participant will be able to use special discount coupons, thanks to which they can save up to 200 PLN.

    The distance of music festivals from the nearest grocery stores is one of the biggest nuisances for participants. Who was on a tent field during such an event, knows that the morning trip to buy rolls and products for breakfast involves a long walk, which often – after evening concerts – can be too tiring. All those who will have fun in the Silesian Park in Chorzów on August 10-13, will be helped by the Jush app. A few clicks and mere 15 minutes will separate each festival-goer from the moment when they can satisfy their hunger and gain strength for another day of fun.

    We are excited to make it easier for festival-goers to enjoy their holidays. The mission of our brand is to be as close as possible to our customers, so it was a natural step for us to appear at selected points in Warsaw or now in Chorzów during the FEST Festival. With our service, participants won’t have to worry about losing their time on the way to the store. We will instantly bring them the products needed for breakfast or snacks to gain strength before the next concerts – says Kamil Bąkowski, Marketing & eCommerce Director in Lite e-Commerce.

    The Jush pickup point will be operational from the first day of the Chorzów festival and will be open until Saturday. App users participating in the event will be able to order their favorite products, including ready-made Tomcio Paluch sandwiches and fresh bread. During the event, the pickup point will turn into a chillout zone, where in addition to waiting for your order you will be able to relax from the hardships of festival fun, as well as comfortably eat your ordered products. There will be deck chairs, hammocks, and games such as table football, air hockey, and Bataka waiting for participants. Express online shopping with the Jush app will be possible from 10:00 to 18:00.

    The final stretch of Jush holiday promotion

    Wallets of the participants of the Fest will be saved by the promotion of Jush, thanks to which you can save money for the festival fun. As part of the action, each person using the application will receive in August up to PLN 200 discount to use. The users can collect 10 coupons for 10 PLN for orders over 35 PLN and 5 coupons for 20 PLN for orders over 50 PLN. With purchases over PLN 35, customers also get free delivery.

    About FEST Festival

    This is the third edition of the Festival FEST, which takes place in the Silesian Park in Chorzów. Last year’s event was attended by 35 thousand people, who had the opportunity to hear as many as 200 artists during 4 days of the festival. FEST Festival is not only music, but also artistic performances, social actions, meetings, and above all entertainment and a good time to spend time with friends.

    The upcoming event will feature more than 150 artists from both foreign and Polish music scenes. In 4 days you can listen to such stars as The Chainsmokers, Stromae, Scooter, Nothing but Thieves, Rudimental, Woodkid, JIMEK & Goście, Quebonafide, Woodkid, Sokół, Sanah, and Julia Wieniawa.


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