13 Jul 2023 15:12PM

    Żabka Jush with the first drone-based delivery on the Polish q-commerce market

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    Żabka Jush with the first drone-based delivery on the Polish q-commerce market

    Żabka Jush is more and more daring to find innovative solutions. Last weekend, the developers of the application tested the delivery using a drone, which delivered an order to a beach in Warsaw.

    For the first time in Poland, the q-commerce service used a drone to fulfill an order. The aircraft left a warehouse in Powiśle and after a short flight landed on a beach in Warsaw. The action was related to the promotion of deliveries to outdoor locations, which returned to the application with the arrival of warmer days.

    In Żabka Group we are happy to support initiatives that are based on the use of innovative solutions. We do this through Venture Studio, which is a unit that actively seeks to cooperate with technology companies and startups that help transform our convenience ecosystem. One such project focuses on drone-based delivery, which until a few years ago was just a germinating idea in the heads of logistics specialists. Thanks to the development of technology, we can today carry out actions related to innovative delivery, which is not only a great promotion of Żabka Jush, but also lays the foundations for a new direction of q-commerce development in Poland – says Karol Gajewicz, Head of Venture Studio in Żabka Future.

    The order delivered included, among others, Żabka private label products such as Wycisk juices, Foodini liquid snacks, Żabka Café croissants, Plant Hunter plant bar, as well as fresh fruit. The whole flight took faster than the traditional order – it was delivered in less than 7 minutes.

    The action is the result of a collaboration between Lite e-Commerce, the startup responsible for Żabka Jush, and Farada. The drone manufacturer is a finalist of the Żabka Future Lab, one of the acceleration programs run by Żabka Group. Drone-based deliveries are becoming more and more feasible thanks to modern technological applications, which allow them to increase their range or load.

    Drone delivery is a revolutionary idea that can be used to improve the last-mile delivery process. Our action is not only aimed to promote Żabka Jush but also to test new solutions. Technological advances and the increasing capabilities of modern drones may mean that such deliveries will soon become more common – says Kamil Bąkowski, Marketing & eCommerce Director in Lite e-Commerce.

    Among other things, the action performed by Żabka Jush aims to promote the service among those looking for new solutions that make everyday life easier. The entire operation was supported on social media by the influencer Mikołaj Roznerski. He’s the one who placed the first drone-based order.

    We are proud to work with Żabka Jush. This is another drone test in logistics carried out by our Group, at the same time the first for the q-commerce sector. Unmanned aerial vehicles are a great tool for transforming processes and entire sectors. It is the setting of new horizons for the use of drones that guides our daily work – says Joanna Rutkowska, Public Policy & Operations Director, Farada Group Sp. z o.o.

    Innovative solutions in Żabka Jush

    Drone-based delivery is not the only innovative solution recently tested by Żabka Jush. In early June, the app. launched a consumer activation, which was based on the classic “treasure hunt” scheme. Discounts have been hidden in the form of QR codes and various passwords so that users will pay less for their purchases in the service. Each of them is a different promotional coupon. They can be found all over Warsaw, Gdańsk, and Cracow, where they were scattered on billboards, citylights, and posters. In addition, they can be found in social media applications, as well as in promotional materials used on the Internet. The action is also accompanied by an extension of deliveries to outdoor locations to all cities within the range of the application.


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