12 Dec 2022 16:58PM

    Żabka launches a certification program for franchisees with the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology

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    Żabka launches a certification program for franchisees with the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology

    Żabka introduces the “Strategic Education Project”, whose aim is to increase the business competencies of franchisees and to meet the educational needs they report. It is also intended to improve the competence of the Żabka’s training partners and trainers so that they will play the role of internal educators in a methodical and modern way. The project is implemented as part of a Strategic Partnership with the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology and Monika Ferreira, the author of the Franczyza 2.0 project and methodology for building network systems, Founding Partner in the practice of strategic consulting I’GS In Good Strategy. The implementation of the program is part of the Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy, one of the objectives of which is to increase franchisees’ satisfaction with the cooperation with the chain.

    Żabka wants to develop the competencies of its franchisees and certify their progress in three main areas: development of store running skills, development of team management competence, and development of entrepreneurship. It is about providing knowledge and upgrading the skills of running a shop and – in the next stage – in the development of business and entrepreneurship. The chain aims to help franchisees scale up their business and improve their financial performance, focusing their efforts on creating a space for personal and professional development.

    – Żabka’s business model based on franchise allows the development of own business already to more than 7600 entrepreneurs throughout Poland. Business education of franchisees and the development of managerial skills are crucial for us, which is why we provide comprehensive training and development programs for entrepreneurs running Żabka stores, including the program prepared in cooperation with the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology and franchise market experts. We believe that a franchise model based on franchisee-centricity, supported by education and a focus on the development of franchisees, will strengthen our strategy and the sustainability of the chain, and to the franchisees themselves it will guarantee greater capabilities and achievement of even better business performance – stresses Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director, Żabka Polska.

    At the Warsaw University of Technology, we implement various educational and development programs for the franchise industry, aimed at developing entrepreneurial competencies. We are pleased that our experts can support Żabka in the implementation of the “Strategic Education Project”, whose task is to systematically and thoughtfully transfer to the chain’s franchisees the knowledge and skills of a modern entrepreneur. We believe that the development of franchisees through education, the competent preparation of trainers and sales partners for their roles, is a way to a well thought out, scalable business model – says Eryk Głodziński, Ph.D. Eng., Prof. of the University, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology.

    The implementation and improvement of modern work tools, innovative solutions facilitating the management of stores, effective communication within the company and with customers, and the use of artificial intelligence in business decision-making, enable Żabka to compete perfectly in the market. The chain, implementing the “Strategic Education Project”, despite the huge scale of its activity, wants to focus on the individual and unlock her/his enterprise and together with franchisees build added value for the business– says Monika Ferreira, Franczyza 2.0 project author, Founding Partner and Strategic Advisor in the practice of strategic advice I’GS In Good Strategy.

    Development of competencies and opportunity for promotion

    The test of the program began in October. It is attended by nearly 30 new franchisees who signed cooperation agreements in August and September this year. It includes 3 online training courses and 3 on-site training courses conducted by experts from the Management Department of the Warsaw University of Technology. The meetings are also attended by mentors, i.e. training partners, who, after obtaining certification, from 2023 will independently conduct training for franchisees, supervised by the University’s experts.

    The program is currently aimed at franchisee candidates and new franchisees. Ultimately, it will also cover current franchisees who will be trained in human resources management. Obtaining a certificate opens up the possibility for franchisees to further advance in the chain’s structures – they can act as training partners or franchisees for trainers.

    Franchise with Żabka

    There are more than 8,900 Żabka stores in the whole country. Today, more than 7600 entrepreneurs run their stores under the green label. To join the chain, all candidates must complete the stage of recruitment and training, as well as make their contribution, currently amounting to approx. PLN 5 thousand. The franchisees receive a fully equipped and furnished store in a location that is evaluated, among others, in terms of the potential number of customers. They also gain the know-how and ability to operate under a commonly known brand. They can count on technical support, service support, or training. Żabka rents a place for them covers the rent and gas charges. Entrepreneurs cooperating with the chain are also protected in case of business failure, being able to use the so-called Business Policy – it is special insurance that allows avoiding termination of cooperation with the chain with a negative balance, in case of possible losses occurring, those losses in a significant part are covered by TUW PZUW.


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