31 May 2022 11:30AM

    Żabka named the Leader in Technology for Sustainable Development

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    Żabka named the Leader in Technology for Sustainable Development

    Żabka has been awarded the “Sustainable Economy Diamonds” in the category of Technology Leader for Sustainable Development. The project of autonomous Żabka Nano stores was awarded; the project fits perfectly into the strategy of the Żabka Group, which assumes the implementation of actions aimed at maintaining climate neutrality – all Żabk Nano stores are powered exclusively by renewable energy sources. The award was received at the gala crowning the conference Sustainable Economy Summit, which took place on May 30 in Warsaw.

    Żabka Nano is a unique unmanned store concept developed by Żabka Future – the entity responsible for creating and developing business and technological tools in the Żabka Group. The first facility in an innovative format – allowing you to shop in seconds, without queues, without cash or contact with shop attendants – was launched in June 2021. Żabka Nano stores operate in several formats, such as standalone container vending machines, traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, and store-in-the-store. Each of them uses technology developed in close cooperation with American technology company AiFi. Currently there are over 40 Żabka Nano stores, which are located in Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Piaseczno, Plewiska, Poznań, Sopot, Warsaw and Wrocław. This makes Żabka the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe.

    The “Sustainable Economy Diamonds” competition aims to present and honor companies with outstanding achievements in sustainable development activities and to build employee engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. The statuettes are awarded to companies and entrepreneurs who carry out investments following the highest environmental and social standards. The competition jury distinguishes entities that promote ethical activities daily, being a model for their co-workers, customers, and contractors. The “Sustainable Economy Diamonds” award gala is the culmination of the Sustainable Economy Summit.

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