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    Żabka rewarded the Quality Champions among franchisees

    Żabka rewarded the Quality Champions among franchisees

    Over 2,400 franchisees were awarded financially in the Żabka “League of Quality Champions” program. The winners were selected mainly based on their capability to maintain the highest standards, exemplary quality of store operation, individual approach to the customers, openness to their needs, and thus the ability to achieve the best sales results. The prize pool amounted to PLN 5 million.

    We appreciate the commitment of our franchisees and their employees to maintain the highest possible standards in the stores. This makes us even more responsive to the needs of our customers and improves the quality of our services. At the same time, through a series of initiatives dedicated to franchisees working with us, we motivate them to develop, build competitiveness in local markets and support their entrepreneurship – stresses Adam Manikowski, Executive Vice-President, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    The program started in January this year and from the beginning, it enjoyed great interest among franchisees. The final Gala, during which the winners were announced, took place on July 19.

    Over 6,000 franchisees took part in the competition, fighting in their Sales Regions for the title of Quality Champions. Over 2,500 franchisees were awarded, but the Champion title went to the 8 best representatives of individual Regions. The competition lasted 6 months, and the ranking was determined by fractions of points

    „The “League of Quality Champions” is another interesting initiative of the chain in which I actively participated. It is extremely important for us entrepreneurs running their stores, that on the one hand the chain supports us in the management of the facilities, and on the other – it motivates us to develop and raise standards and quality of service. This would not have been possible without the commitment and effort of franchisees and our staff notes Małgorzata Chrzanowska, a franchisee from Bydgoszcz and the winner of the competition in her region

    The results in the field of maintaining standards in the stores, mystery client visits, or the implementation of recommended training on a dedicated e-learning platform were considered in the competition score. During the 6 months of the program, franchisees were able to attend training courses on such topics as store finances, sales development, or attention to devices and shop equipment. At that time, the level of standards of the stores they run was also regularly checked. The chain has continuously implemented Regional Quality Rankings, separate for each Sales Region. The correctness of the competition was supervised by the Competition Commission, composed of representatives of among others Sales Support and Franchisee Development Departments.

    The winners received financial awards. The amount depends on the place occupied by the franchisee in the Regional Ranking. The first place prize was 15 000 PLN, the second – 13 000 PLN, and the third – 10 000 PLN.

    The next stage of the competition started in early July and will last until the end of December.

    More about the Żabka franchise on: https://www.zabka.pl/franczyza.


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