28 Feb 2023 16:58PM

    Żabka supports children and young people in developing their passion and talents

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    Żabka supports children and young people in developing their passion and talents

    Żabka Polska awarded scholarships for research, sports, and artistic activities to the most gifted children as well as charges of its franchisees, employees, and co-workers. Under the Żabka Scholarship Program, they will receive annual financial support of PLN 10,000 per person. Young artists, athletes, and scientists can use them to develop their passions, interests, and talents. This is the twelfth time the program has been implemented by Żabka.

    The Żabka Scholarship Program is aimed at students of primary schools, technical colleges, and high schools who, among their peers, are distinguished by extraordinary scientific achievements, extraordinary sports skills, exceptional artistic sense, or high ecological sensitivity.

    Żabka focuses on education and personal development, and at the same time wants to help where this help is needed. We are proud to support young, exceptional people to further develop and follow their passions. Our scholars have worked hard for the scholarships they have been awarded and have shown outstanding skills, abilities, and achievements. We chose them because they have great passions, they aim high, they dream courageously, and at the same time, every day, step by step, they pursue their goals in various fields: sports, science, and art. Thanks to their determination, they were among a very small group of winners, whom Żabka Polska will help to fulfill their dreams for the next year. These young people will be able to develop their passions and talents with greater freedom thanks to the scholarships granted – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer of the Żabka Group.

    This year, as many as 73 talented and ambitious young people applied for Żabka scholarships. Each candidate had to present his or her skills originally and prove that he or she was creative, active, committed, and hardworking. The Commission has selected 22 fellows, including 14 athletes, 5 artistic personalities, and 3 science lovers. Each scholarship holder will receive 10,000 PLN per year from Żabka to develop her or his passion.

    I train in horseback riding, love animals, and love staying with them and taking care of them. I’ve also been working as a volunteer for a few years. The grant will help me develop my passion, and pay for training and training camps. It’s also a great honor for me and motivation for further work –says Antosia Truszkowska, the 13-year-old daughter of a franchisee from Olsztyn.

    The ceremony of awarding the scholarships took place on February 24 this year in Żabka headquarters. During the event, the scholars took part in creative workshops organized by the actors of the Animation Theater in Poznań and visited the company headquarters.


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