17 Nov 2021 22:01PM

    Żabka launches first pilot store at Rakieta gas station

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    Żabka launches first pilot store at Rakieta gas station

    Żabka launched its first pilot store at the Rakieta gas station, located in Krosno near Mosina (Greater Poland Voivodeship). This is another format of stores, besides seasonal, mobile or self-service ones, which Żabka prepares to be even closer to its customers and provide them with maximum convenience. The Rakieta Station is a self-service one and thanks to the automatic fuel sales system it offers to customers the possibility of fast refueling. The Żabka product offer has been adjusted to the format so that customers can always buy what they need along the way. There will be no shortage of hot dogs or delicious take-out coffee, nor automotive products, which have been added to its product mix. 

    For several years we have been setting up seasonal stores on the Baltic Sea during the summer holidays; this year we have launched the mobile Żabka store to be present at concerts and fairs. Several cities already have our automated Żappka Stores, which allow you to do shopping even in a few seconds without contacting a sales assistant. Launching the first pilot Żabka store at a gas station is another step towards ensuring the highest possible shopping comfort for customers and providing franchisees with unique locations, generating a large number of customers and a suitable turnover – said Tomasz Suchański, CEO of the Żabka Group

    The station where Żabka opens its first store as part of the project belongs to the Rakieta chain – a new chain of cozy fuel stations on the market, offering traditional and automated refueling. The stations are built in developed areas and are owned by AFS (Automotive Fuels Services Sp. z o.o.).

    – Store locations are one of the key aspects influencing customers’ purchasing decisions, so we are constantly working to make them as effective as possible and meet their expectations. The Rakieta is a chain of maintenance-free, local stations, whose offer can be supplemented by Żabka stores in a natural way – said Waldemar Lisiewicz, Expansion Director in Żabka Polska.

    I look forward to working with Żabka. It is a large brand, enjoying a good reputation and guaranteeing the offer liked by customers. I am sure that the Żabka stores at the Rakieta Stations will be the right choice –commented Jerzy Gąsiorowski, President of Automotive Fuels Services.

    In addition to over 7,600 brick and mortar stores throughout Poland, run by over 6,000 franchisees, Żabka offers to customers other formats, adapted to the specific location or the temporary demand of customers. Seasonal Żabka stores, offering necessary products to tourists resting by the Polish sea, in the mountains or by the lakes, have been in operation in tourist villages and towns. Żabka also launched this year’s premiere – mobile stores – offering a wide range of catering options, including ready-made dishes, drinks and hot snacks and drinks. Mobile Żabka stores can be easily stocked and transported to where they are currently needed – to festivals, concerts and other cultural or sporting events.

    The first Mobile Żabka store made its debut in the catering zone of Wrocław Tattoo Convent at the turn of July and August. Next, its catering offer was provided to the audiences of the Top of the Top Festival in Sopot. Żabka also offers an automated format – Żappka Stores. The first ones were opened this year in Poznań, Warsaw and Kraków. Customers enter a Żappka Store via the żappka application, do shopping even within a few seconds, remove selected products from the shelf and exit… and the payment is automatically debited from their account. Stores at gas stations will offer a selection of snacks, sandwiches, salads, hot dishes, including hot dogs, and hot drinks. Drivers will also be able to obtain selected products from the automotive offer. 

    More about the Żabka offer at: www.zabka.pl


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