25 May 2023 11:06AM

    Żabka with three awards in the competition Market of the Year 2023. Tomasz Blicharski named “The Visionary of Retail Business”

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    Żabka with three awards in the competition Market of the Year 2023. Tomasz Blicharski named “The Visionary of Retail Business”

    Żabka received three awards in the prestigious competition for the best grocery stores in Poland – Market of the Year 2023. The jury awarded the chain with prizes in the following categories: Small Format, Most Innovative Concept, and Best Franchise Concept. In the Retail Business Awards poll, which is a joint project of Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze and Business Center Club, the jury also decided to award the prize to Tomasz Blicharski. The Executive Vice President of the Management Board of Żabka Group, Managing Director of Żabka Future received the award in the category of Visionary of Retail Business.

    The Market of the Year 2023 and Retail Business Awards ceremony took place on May 25, during the Retail Trends 2023 Congress organized by Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze.

    Market of the Year is a prestigious poll for the best food stores in Poland. Every year, in several categories, individual stores and retail chains fight for this title. The winners are selected by a jury composed of top managers of major food companies, representatives of research institutes, and industry organizations.

    As part of this year’s Market of the Year, Żabka received the award in the category Small Format for “being synonymous with a small store, combined with continuous improvement of the concept, setting new standards for the convenience market and being a benchmark for all commercial rivals not only within one format”.

    The jury also praised Żabka for the concept of Żabka Nano. The chain received the award for Most Innovative Concept ‘for having created the largest chain of unmanned stores in Europe, and soon to be the largest in the world while taking care not only of the technological facilities but also of the financial indicators of the project’.

    Żabka, according to the judges, is also the Best Franchise Concept. The judges appreciated Żabka for “becoming the largest retail chain in Poland in the last year, with the simultaneous emphasis on technology development and innovation, which translates into benefits for franchisees”.

    During the gala organized at the MCC Mazurkas Conference Center & Hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki, near Warsaw, also the results were announced of the Retail Business Awards poll, in which Tomasz Blicharski was awarded the prize in the Visionary of Retail Business category. According to the jury, the executive vice-president of the management board of Żabka Group, managing director of Żabka Future, is “a manager who understands current and anticipates upcoming changes and his business decisions shape the face of the sector and set the direction of the industry development”.

    Retail Business Awards are prestigious business awards for companies from the retail and wholesale sectors in Poland. The statuettes are awarded to companies and their managers for real actions that create real value for business partners, suppliers, employees, local communities, and consumers, as well as the economy and environment.


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