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    Żabu found in the Żappka app! Żabka launches a game test. It is the first of its kind in the European retail market

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    Żabu found in the Żappka app! Żabka launches a game test. It is the first of its kind in the European retail market

    The search for Żabu is over! Żabu – a virtual frog who loves apples and frequent showers and stays in the Żappka app, waiting for users who will want to take care of it. Żabu loves to play games and hopes that there will be people with whom it will be able to share its passion. Do you want to take care of Żabu? From December 12 to December 19 this year[1] register at: zabu.zabka.pl. You will have the chance to join the 5,000 exceptional players who will be the first to get to know Żabu and test the only retail game on the European market available only in the app of the Żabka chain of stores.

    Żabka continually deploying digital solutions to make life easier for consumers; it is now expanding this range with a tool to provide them with entertainment and entering the mobile gaming market. The project was based on research involving users of the Żappka application – they were among others involved in the creation of the Żabu character. The test version of the game will reach up to 5 thousand players, while the final product will be available for all users of Żappka in 2023.

    It will soon be four years since the launch of the Żappka app. More than 10 million people have already downloaded it. We continuously make sure that it is innovative and stands out from other applications of its type. Now we are starting with the test of the new functionality, which is Żabu. Why a game? Because the gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. The global market for mobile games is growing steadily, it is estimated that in 2022 it will reach USD 196.8 billion.[2] We believe that Żabu will be a hit among both older and younger gaming fans; it will provide our customers with entertainment, and at the same time it will be a modern communication tool for our offer –says Dino Metaxas, director of digital acceleration in Żabka Polska.

    In December, the chain will launch the Żabu test, which will allow us to gain a thorough knowledge of the expectations of lovers of electronic entertainment, and the collected information will set the directions for modifying the functionality used in the game. In this way, Żabka wants to get a product that fits the expectations as much as possible.

    180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT agency is responsible for the development of the solution:

    We are excited to implement projects combining communication, business, and technology, which is why we believe in the expansion of the world of Żabka. This is not just a mobile game, but a novel business solution that we have developed together with the customer. The creative part of the game – the character and its nature, name, language, mechanics, and scenarios – is thoughtful and designed in accordance with the idea of the Żappka, which we cared most about. The character is designed in 3D because this technique allows not only attractive animations but also gives the perspective of exploiting the Żabu outside the virtual world. We hope that, like us, everyone will like it – says Jacek Karolak, Business Director 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT.

    Adventure in the world of electronic entertainment

    The main character of the game is Żabu, a virtual frog that is about 4 cm tall. It loves apples, frequent showers, and should not stay unattended for too long. And most of all… it likes to play games!

    Made in 3D animation Żabu reacts to the customer’s behavior. It develops and gains further levels in the game, depending on the purchases made by the player, including those made through the loyalty points collected in the account called żapps. Users will have the opportunity to personalize their Żabu character by purchasing different types of accessories.

    The game involves breeding and regular care for the character of the Żabu created by the player. To complete it, you must pass 100 levels, and when shopping in the stores of the chain, get additional points – for each zloty spent – 5 flies, which are a favorite delicacy of the Żabu and guarantee its survival.

    Once you reach certain levels, you will be faced with a reward box containing free żapps, products, or discounts on purchases. Participants who pass all 100 levels and complete the game will receive a surprise.

    Żappka users chose Żabu

    Developing the game was preceded by research among users of the Żappka application – the most highly rated idea was just the implementation of the game (as much as 85% of indications). The research was also aimed at selecting the features that are most attractive to the chain’s customers – respondents rated the gamification very highly. During the testing process, the player was also asked about the optimal appearance of the game and its name. As many as 80% of the target audience chose Żabu.

    The global market for mobile gaming is growing

    According to Spicy Mobile’s analysis, the mobile gaming market is currently the largest and fastest-growing segment in terms of revenue. By 2023, it is expected to exceed US$100 billion, and the number of mobile gaming users will reach over 3 billion.[3] By that time, as many as 43% of all active smartphones will be 5G-compatible, which will have a significant impact on consumer behavior.

    According to IQS research, men are more often the players in Poland – the percentage of women among players is 47%. However, if we consider only the market for mobile games, then in this segment the majority of women is already decisive – that’s as much as 61%![4]

    Poles spend PLN 2.4 billion a year on buying games. Compared to other countries, this is not a large amount, but it is more than we spend on books, cinema or VOD services.

    Żappka is one of the most popular mobile applications in Poland – it has already been downloaded by 10 million people. It allows you to accumulate points (żapps) and exchange them for products available in stores. In addition, Żappka provides users with unique experiences of using personalized promotions, challenges, or services, facilitating their daily functioning. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery. For more information, see: https://www.zabka.pl/aplikacja-zappka

    The creative concept and co-creation of Żabu are handled by 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT, the project’s technology partners are Future Mind, Synerise, and Netguru. The service in social media is provided by the Cukier Agency.

    [1] Until 19.12.2022 or until reaching the limit of 5000 players.

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