Technological development puts a smile on our faces

    We are witnessing a digital transformation in almost every aspect of our lives. The online world is increasingly merging with the offline world. We are experiencing the same in the retail industry. At Żabka, this revolution is taking place on two levels: digital transformation and change in our business approach.

    Towards technology

    For many retail companies, technology is just a service provider. At Żabka Group, we think differently. Technology, together with business and ESG, drives the development of our organisation. Already five years ago, we changed our mentality and created a pillar in our business strategy, which was digital transformation.  

    We started working on building digital tools for customers, employees and franchisees, designed the Żappka app, which has been downloaded by over 10 million users, and started investing in artificial intelligence.

    Digital evolution

    As a result, we are using our technology to set new standards in the convenience ecosystem by striving to constantly add value for our customers. And we are using this technological advantage to set new standards in the convenience ecosystem by constantly adding value for the customer.

    We are the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe, we introduce modern payment methods, invest in q-commerce and artificial intelligence.   

    Thanks to the scale of our operations, we can test modern solutions in a real environment, while listening to customer feedback. We take convenience to a completely new level – we redefine what the comfort of shopping is. And all this is thanks to technology. Innovation allows us to build value in the long term.

    Our plans and analyses go beyond next year – we predict how the customer will be buying in 3-5 years.

    We measure technological success in numbers

    “When thinking about the future of commerce we are dealing with the phenomenon of Phygital. It’s a word that describes the trend of elevating the physical brand experience with a digital component – or vice versa. The intention of combining the physical and digital experience is to draw on the best of both worlds, with the ultimate goal of providing customers with unique, highly personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression.”
    Tomasz Blicharski, EVP, Managing Director of Żabka Future

    Żabka Future

    Creation of Żabka Future – responsible for innovation and finding businesses that increase the Group’s value – marked the beginning of a new chapter in our digital transformation.

    Thanks to the distinction of a unit strictly responsible for innovation, we were able to quickly and flexibly implement and test new products and services, developing technology to expand the Group’s convenience ecosystem.

    Areas of operation of Żabka Future:

    Data-driven company

    Thanks to data analysis and the development of artificial intelligence:  

    Self-service solutions


    We enable customers to do their shopping in autonomous, smaller Żabka Nano stores, offering impulse and necessities, open 24/7, where you can pay using our app or a payment card. Thanks to technology, we can offer our services to customers in places where a traditional Żabka would not be possible, such as offices, gyms or hospitals. Currently, there are over 50 autonomous stores in operation, making us the largest network of autonomous stores in Europe (as January 2022). 

    Żabka Nano, one of the newest concepts of the Żabka chain, has launched another innovative solution – a robot called Robbie, that serves customers the hot dogs. The first such robot has been operating recently in Żabka Nano at 54 Dobra Street in Warsaw.

    Cooperation with start-ups

    We cooperate with startups creating innovative solutions for retail. We support startups designing unconventional solutions for e-commerce, q-commerce and Direct to Consumer (D2C) model.

    We provide expert assistance in verifying the idea, developing the product and introducing it to the market. Using our resources and experience allows young enterprises to achieve positive results in a shorter time, reduce the risk of failure and receive mentoring and training for founders. 

    Venture Studio is dedicated to support innovators, search for new business ideas and relationships within startup community and build ventures which subscribe to Żabka Group’s strategy of sustainable growth. 

    We aim to cooperate with the best of the best. Currently, we are on the lookout for start-ups in the following areas:

    To reach the widest possible range of startups, we have joined efforts with local startup associations, academia and international startup accelerators. 

    Żabka Venture Studio’s most prominent partners and acceleration programs:

    Żabka Future Lab
    Żabka Future Lab is the flagship acceleration program of Żabka Group. We are looking for innovative companies that can help us enhance our customer experience, improve our logistics, optimize our operations and transform Żabka Group into a leading global retailer.
    More information

    MIT Enterprise Forum
    They are experienced in remodelling innovative new start-ups into booming companies of international reach.

    Koźminski Hub
    Together with Kozminski Business Hub we are looking for brand-new businesses which need some extra help in order to fully thrive. Startups which aims to have some positive impact on the world around.
    More information

    Foodtech Lab
    We are looking for innovative food products, alternative sources of protein, or solutions supporting recycling and multiple use of packaging.
    More information

    Recognized by the best

    Ying Zheng – Cofounder
    & President at AiFi Inc.

    “We are excited that we have activated autonomous shopping with Żabka Polska in 25 locations in 6 cities in 2021. While everyone is discussing how we deploy with such unprecedented speed, how we work with different store formats and product mixes, we focus on being available at every corner for people in need 24/7, and simplifying people’s busy lives with technology.”

    Chris Deganan
    Chief Revenue Office, Snowflake

    “We are honored and delighted to be working closely with Żabka – one of the most innovative retail chains. We look forward to supporting Żabka in making faster data-driven decisions and opening up new business opportunities through Snowflake’s data cloud. Żabka is constantly defining new ways to capture and analyze data, changing the retail industry.”

    Jarosław Królewski
    CEO Synerise

    “Synerise is a long-term technological partner of Żabka. Our platform is the core of the Żappka app, providing i.e an AI-based personalization engine. Cooperation with Żabka is an example of how ambitious plans and ideas become reality thanks to the cutting-edge technology. We believe that Żabka’s digital transformation projects are one of the most unique and advanced in the world.”

    Petra Jenner
    GM and SVP Salesforce
    EMEA & Emerging Markets

    “Żabka is a world leader in technology implementation. They have developed the capability to expand rapidly and achieve significant efficiency gains.”



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