Żabka Group is joining Microsoft at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show, the world’s largest convention and expo for retail companies, in New York City.  Żabka Nano, an autonomous store concept that has been developed under the umbrella of Żabka Future for over a year and a half, will be featured at the Microsoft Booth (#4503). The NRF conference is held in New York from January 15 to 17, 2023.

    NRF: Retail’s Big Show is one of the industry’s most important events. The sessions, with the participation of speakers and supplemented by the expo, provide a platform for the exchange of information and experiences related to the latest trends affecting the development of the global retail industry. This year, the event will feature over 175 sessions, 350+ speakers, and more than 800 exhibitors.

    Participation in this prestigious event is not only an opportunity for us to establish new partnerships but also an opportunity to present Żabka as one of the world’s most innovative companies in the retail industry. Warsaw, thanks to our concept, has become the world capital of autonomous stores, so I am glad that we have the opportunity to present this project to a global audience. We want to show you how our new technologies, created in cooperation with our partners, make life easier and free up our customers’ time,”said Tomasz Blicharski, EVP, Managing Director of Żabka Future.

    The autonomous Żabka Nano store showcase presented during the NRF conference is available for registered attendees to tour from January 15 to 17. The Żabka Nano is a globally unique project that combines a physical and digital store. The innovative concept, allowing for quick shopping without checkout clerks, queues, and cash, is precisely adapted to the nature of the location and the profile of customers. Stores operate in several formats, such as standalone container vending machines, traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, or store-in-the-store. Each uses technology developed in close cooperation with American technology company AiFi and leverages Microsoft Azure. The first Żabka Nano store was established in June 2021 in Poznań. Currently, the Żabka Group manages the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe with more than 50 outlets.

    “We’re thrilled to be working with Microsoft and Żabka Group at the world’s largest retail event. Having surpassed more than 50 AiFi-powered Żabka stores recently, the demand for autonomous checkout in convenience stores is quickly rising, and we’re proud to have proven our ability to deploy autonomous stores at record speed in partnership with Żabka,” said Steve Carlin, CEO of AiFi.

    Representatives of the Żabka Group discussed the digital transformation that has been going within the chain since 2016, also during the substantive part of the event. On January 15, Tomasz Blicharski talked about the concept of Żabka Nano during the NRF BIG Ideas session “Resilient retail. Achieve more with Microsoft Cloud for Retail”. The session was led by Shelley Bransten, Global Corporate Vice President, Retail & Consumer Goods Industries at Microsoft.

    “Digital technology that enables experiences like autonomous stores is what will make the difference between retailers that thrive and those that get left behind,” said Shelley Bransten, Global Corporate Vice President, Retail & Consumer Goods Industries, Microsoft. “In collaboration with Microsoft partner AiFi, we’re pleased to bring the Zabka Nano store checkout-free solution to life at NRF 2023 and to show the global retail industry what’s possible for autonomous stores through Zabka’s successful deployment.”

    Thanks to the use of various communication channels, Żabka with its message about simplifying everyday life and the benefits of this, reaches millions of consumers. Only in the first month of its launch, the strong 360 “Free up free time” campaign has allowed it to reach different consumer groups – digital users, TV viewers, radio listeners, or cinema viewers. Undoubtedly, it won the hearts of the audience – as many as 90% of the respondents rate it positively, drawing attention to its modern, attractive and emotional character.

    “Free up free time” is the new positioning of the Żabka brand and the slogan of the campaign launched on October 12 this year, which expresses in a tangible, emotional way the benefit that customers have from Żabka. Żabka frees up the time of its customers by removing from their heads the daily inconveniences and challenges that are time-consuming, energy-taking, emotionally engaging, and do not allow them to make a moment for themselves.

    After several years of changes at the level of the store, offer, customer service, and introducing countless innovations to facilitate shopping, Żabka has become more than a store. We started not only selling products but simplifying everyday life. Looking at this “simplification” in the context of our competitive advantages, we understood that the key benefit we give our customers is time – time, which we always do have not enough. Exploring this problem during research, we have seen how much emotional potential this approach has and how far it is from positioning “Small Big Store”. So we decided to make a change. We replaced the story of the store on every corner with the story of how Żabka “lets you do what you like”, as it removes from your head the daily inconvenience, freeing up your time– says Maciej Szaroleta, Director of Brand Strategy in Żabka Polska.

    The new positioning of the Żabka brand is based on strong insight. It puts customers and their needs in the spotlight. The image part of the campaign is a kind of call and manifesto encouraging to appreciate free time – a reminder of the importance of time spent with family, loved ones, with friends, but also time for yourself. From the communication side, it is a revolution for us, because as Żabka we depart from the store itself to focus on showing the lives of customers, their needs, and things they are fascinated with and which are important to them. Żabka ceases to be just a store, and through modern products, services, private labels, and new formats it becomes a place that simplifies everyday life and frees up time – adds Jarosław Serednicki, Marketing Director at Żabka Polska.

    Free up free time Communication Platform

    The new communication platform created advertisements in traditional media: television, radio, press and internet, indoor and outdoor advertising, and digital channels. Advertising creations have a modern, bold and emotional character. Each one shows exactly what is the role of the Żabka products and services in freeing time by simplifying various aspects of everyday life (“Do what you like and we will help you with what you need”).

    The campaign consists of an image spot prepared in two versions (TV and digital), a manifesto in which Żabka encourages people to appreciate their free time, and product spots (four on TV and three on digital channels), whose plot refers to life situations in which the characters thanks to Żabka can do what they like. There are also 450 advertisements on the internet. Żabka also decided on a very effective form of communication in the form of advertising on one of the tallest buildings in Warsaw, the Warsaw Spire.

    On social media, websites, and in the Żappka app, the company adapted its communication to the younger client, allowing for a bolder interpretation of the image spot and the product campaign: “Don’t worry, don’t think about everyday challenges, don’t burden your head with them because #masztowżabce [you got it in Żabka]“. Every online advertisement is a continuation and interpretation of the story told in television spots.

    As part of the platform, the content in the Żappka mobile app, which is actively used by 6 million users, has also been adjusted to the new positioning.

    The creative concept was created by the Ogilvy agency. The Sugar Agency is responsible for activities in the digital and social media channels. The media was purchased by the SparkFoundry media house, and BTL content was prepared by Just.

    A consistent brand voice from Żabka Group

    Not only does Żabka give customers the freedom to enjoy life to the full, thanks to the convenience and immediate availability of matched products and convenient services. Other Żabka Group brands also free people’s time by simplifying everyday life. Therefore, also in ads for the autonomous Żabka Nano stores or Żabka Jush! express shopping delivery services there appear threads coinciding with the main positioning of the brand.

    Żabka Nano, the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe, launched an image campaign under the slogan “Buy as you like”. It aims to build brand awareness and encourage new customers to take advantage of the possibility of making quick and convenient purchases in autonomous stores and thus freeing their time. The campaign message is in line with the new positioning of the Żabka brand. The campaign is accompanied by a promotion for users of the Żappka app, thanks to which you can receive up to PLN 200 for daily purchases in the facilities of the Żabka Nano.

    The Żabka Nano is based on innovative technological solutions such as advanced imaging models, artificial intelligence, and innovative methods of authorization and payment for purchases. Thanks to them, the customer can shop in the simplest way possible – simply by taking products off the shelves, without having to scan and pay for them at the checkout. Shopping in Żabka Nano is a moment – the shopping process can take up to 1 minute. And it’s these advantages – 7×24 availability, speed, product matching, and innovation – that we show in the “Buy as You Like” campaign – says Andrzej Popławski, Nano Sales & Marketing Lead in Żabka Future.

    “Buy it as you like” campaign

    The campaign is implemented in the formula of 360 degrees (without TV) in Warsaw, in which the largest number of outlets of Żabka Nano is located. In other cities – Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice, Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot – local communication is carried out, based on geotargeted digital and OOH. The campaign uses a variety of media, including citylight, digital citylight, billboards, parcel machines, and ATMs. There will also be advertisements in the capital’s subway stations, as well as on buses with dedicated paint schemes. Warsaw residents will also see murals in 4 locations in November and December, in the following streets: Waryńskiego, Rozbrat, Woronicza, and Dobra.

    Advertising spots show funnily the stories of two people who buy as they like. The first, “Buy as you like, whether you’re on a match break or at work” is set in the context of the upcoming World Cup, and its protagonist is a supporter who takes a break in a football match and swings by to Żabka Nano for quick shopping. The second, “Buy as you like, whether you’re a night owl… or Martha”, shows a person sleepwalking and shopping at night, taking advantage of the fact that Żabka Nano stores are open around the clock.

    Only in Żabka Nano up to PLN 200 for shopping

    The campaign is accompanied by a promotional campaign for users of the Żappka mobile app, under which you can receive 40 vouchers worth PLN 5 each, i.e. a total of PLN 200 for daily purchases in Żabka Nano. The first voucher – PLN 5 at the start – the customer receives immediately after activating the promotion in the application. Each subsequent voucher will be granted to the customer after shopping worth the total amount of PLN 15. The promotion works cumulatively – the required PLN 15 can consist of more than one purchase (e.g. transaction for PLN 5 and the second one for PLN 10). The voucher is generated after the funds are debited from the card and the receipt is generated. The customer receives a push message about granting the voucher. The promotion can be activated until December 6 and used for 40 days. Promotional rules are described at: https://zabka-nano.pl/

    The Żappla mobile app is available for free on Google Play, App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

    Europe’s largest chain of autonomous stores

    The Żabka Nano is an innovative concept that changes and shapes the perception of consumer experiences. The first store started its activity in June 2021 in Poznań. Today, Żabka Nano is the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe. It has nearly 50 of these facilities, and there are plans to open several dozen more. The Żabka Nano stores are located, among other places, in places where – due to limited space or legal requirements – the standard facility of the Żabka chain would not fit, for example, in office buildings, fitness clubs, or dormitories. They are also an important part of the urban fabric – they are present on important city streets or subway stations.

    More about Żabka Nano: zabkagroup.com/pl/convenience/nano/ i zabka.pl/zabka-nano

    At the beginning of the new academic year, Żabka opens the first autonomous store in a student dorm, located in the modern Basecamp building in Wrocław. The chain also encourages students to use the “Good Package” program to save food from waste. The program is available in selected facilities in Wrocław and Poznań.

    First Żabka Nano in a student dorm

    The first Żabka Nano in history housed in a student dorm is located in Basecamp in Wrocław, at 18/22 Sienkiewicza Street. The autonomous store was opened on October 10. Basecamp is a modern building in the very center of the city, finished in a loft style, which houses 775 rooms, of which 569 are a so-called dormitory offer, and 206 are for short-term rentals. Nearly half of the tenants are foreign students – from European countries such as France, the Czech Republic, Germany, or Norway, as well as from more distant countries such as Lebanon, Korea, South Africa, Syria, or Zimbabwe.

    Basecamp creates smart and exciting living spaces for young people, mainly students, offering much more than a bed and desk – also many common spaces and amenities and a rich social calendar. There is a gym and a co-living common space. This is a modern approach to housing and an idea with perspective. It was here that Żabka chose to locate the first autonomous store in the space inhabited by students. Thanks to the Żabka Nano, Basecamp tenants will be able to purchase food from the rich offer of Żabka around the clock, 7 days a week.

    Each Basecamp is meticulously selected, designed, and developed to guarantee its residents a unique experience with student accommodation. Our properties are located on campus areas or in city centers, offering fully furnished rooms and high-end amenities. Each Basecamp provides a platform through which students can feel part of the student community, where they will find all the facilities they need to live. We are pleased that in Wrocław we can offer them access and the possibility of shopping in one of the most innovative autonomous stores on the market – Żabka Nano – commented Krzysztof Czarnecki, President of Basecamp in Poland. 

    Zero waste for the environment

    Young people are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment around them and are keen to engage in resource-saving actions. Żabka invites students from Wrocław, as well as from Poznań, to use the “Good Package” project, aimed at counteracting food waste. As part of the action implemented since December 2021, with the guiding slogan “Simple solution for zero waste”, customers in the mobile Żappka app can order a set of two or three products with a short shelf life. “Good Package” is not only a gesture towards protecting raw materials but also an excellent way to save money for the student’s pocket.

    In Żabka we implement and encourage the use of many solutions aimed at preventing food waste. One of them is the “Good Package” tool. Customers are happy to use the opportunity to buy a surprise parcel at half price, consisting of full-value products on their last day of shelf life. Together, we believe we can significantly reduce food waste. We also encourage students, people who are aware of their environmental impact, to take advantage of the offer, so we give them simple solutions that will enable savings on their daily purchases. Students usually reach for products to eat right away – for breakfast or lunch. By buying a “Good Package” in the Żappka app they can be sure that they will get the full-value products, paying 50% less – says Joanna Kasowska, Quality and Food Management Standards Director in Żabka Polska.

    What’s in the “Good Package”?

    There are three types of parcels to choose from: parcels for vegetarians, vegans, and people with no specific nutritional preferences. Products sold as part of the “Good Package” program include lunch dishes, salads, sandwiches, and other snacks. A “Good Package is a surprise parcel – before buying, the customer knows only the category of products that are in it. The finished parcel can be picked up in the store at the time of your choice – its price is 50% of the value of the products, and you should pay for it in the store by any means of payment. In Wrocław, the “Good Package” is available in nearly 180 Żabka stores.

    It is worth remembering that around 1 billion tons of food are wasted every year all over the world, and a statistically significant Pole throws away as much as 247 kg of food during the year. The Żabka’s answer to the problem of food waste is not only the “Good Package” tool but also the creation and development of a convenience ecosystem, which makes it easier for customers to use solutions supporting minimizing food loss. Nearly 90% of the items available in the chain’s stores are for immediate consumption, so they easily meet nutritional needs like hunger or thirst, without having to shop in advance. To prevent food waste in stores, Żabka implemented GS1 codes and QMS (Quick Meal Solutions). The chain is also working with social partners to increase the efficiency of the distribution of food products to people in need of such support, having distributed almost 630 tons of food to non-profit organizations in 2021.

    On October 12 Żabka will launch a new campaign and show its customers how accompanying them at every moment of their day, makes their lives easier and thus frees up their free time. According to research, it is the lack of free time that is one of the most important challenges for modern consumers – a barrier to realizing passion and interests, and often also a source of stress, frustration and burnout. In response to this, Żabka in a new campaign explains attractively and engagingly how, thanks to its proximity, tailored products, and convenient purchasing process, it helps customers to cope with this important challenge in life.

    As a result of the consistent implementation of our development strategy in recent years, Żabka has ceased to be just a store. Today we are a comprehensive ecosystem of convenience – we offer various solutions, close to the needs of customers and facilitate their daily life. Thanks to the expansion of the Żabka Group with new businesses, such as Maczfit, Dietly, Żabka Jush, or Delio, customers can freely use our offer wherever they need it, e.g. by visiting stores or ordering products with 15-minute delivery to their homes. We will pursue this path of development persistently, keeping customers and their needs at the center of our attention – says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.

    Free time is one of the most important things in people’s lives, research shows. Poles are the third busiest nation in the European Union.[1] Compared to residents of other EU countries, Poles have almost the least free time during the day – only 286 minutes.[2] As much as 93 percent of Poles admit that they often lack time to pursue their passions and interests[3].  At the same time, for 83% of consumers in the world (and 78% in Poland) having free time is the source of happiness.[4] Thanks to Żabka, everyone can free up time for things really important in life – family, passions, rest, and friendships.

    Żabka has always made everyday life easier for millions of consumers. Today, we decided to talk about it openly and attractively. “Free up free time” is a new brand positioning and slogan of a new communication campaign in which we will show that Żabka offers much more than convenient shopping. By providing ready-made solutions, we make our customers gain free time, which they can devote to what is most important to them in life. This is an additional, very important dimension of our responsibility and influence to improve the quality of life of our customers – says Anna Grabowska, Vice President of the Management Board for Consumer Strategy, Żabka Group.

    In the making of everyday life easier, an important role is played by the time of customer service in Żabka as well as the offer of products and services precisely tailored to customers’ expectations and needs. The proximity of over 8700 stores throughout Poland and the popular mobile app Żappka make it easy for customers to handle their daily affairs.

    We make life easier with our offer, innovative digital solutions, and the fact that everyone has a Żabka store at hand. New formats allow us to be closer and closer to our customers, who can count on us not only in brick-and-mortar stores but also in seasonal facilities by the sea, at events and concerts, or gas stations. Every year we open over 1000 stores throughout Poland. We focus on high-quality products and services, as well as on the speed of service to ensure the highest possible comfort to our customers. Currently, shopping time in Żabka is on average only about 106 seconds. We want these 106 seconds (from the entrance to the exit) to be managed for them most conveniently and easily so that the experience of shopping in Żabka is unique and clearly distinguishes us from the competition – says Adam Manikowski, EVP Żabka Group, Managing Director, Żabka Polska.

    „Free up free time” Communication Platform

    The new positioning of the Żabka brand is contained in the slogan: “Free up free time”, which took the place of the previous slogan “Small big store”. Additionally, on the Internet, it is complemented by a lighter and more humorous #mamtowzabce claim aimed at the younger consumer of the digital sphere.

    The platform encompasses advertisements in traditional media: television, radio, press, and the Internet, as well as internal and external advertising and digital channels. Advertising creations have a modern, bold and emotional character. Based on the affirmation of free time, they express the key benefit that Żabka offers to customers. Each of them shows exactly what the role of Żabka products and services is in freeing time by making various aspects of everyday life easier (“Do what you like and we will help you with what you need”). The TV campaign starts on October 12. It consists of an image spot, a manifesto, in which Żabka encourages people to appreciate their free time, and four product spots, the plot of which refers to life situations, in which the characters thanks to Żabka can do what they like.

    The creative concept was created by the Ogilvy agency. The Cukier Agency is responsible for activities in the digital and social media channels. The media was purchased by the SparkFoundry media house, and BTL content was prepared by Just.

    [1] OECD (2022), Hours worked (indicator) https://data.oecd.org/emp/hours-worked.htm

    [2] Esteban Ortiz-Ospina, Charlie Giattino and Max Roser (2020) https://ourworldindata.org/time-use 

    [3] Minds & Roses, Aug ‘21

    [4] IPSOS 2020 „Global Happiness” https://www.ipsos.com/sites/default/files/ct/news/documents/2020-10/global-happiness-2020-report.pdf

    Żabka Nano, currently the largest chain of autonomous shops in Europe, has recently been awarded twice for its innovative concept. The chain was recognized by the jury and participants of a conference organized by the DWBW University in Heilbronn, Germany, receiving the Smart Stores award.

    The Żabka Nano was one of 18 concepts nominated in the Smart Stores category of the Innovation Leader 2022 competition, of which 5 were selected by the Jury for the strict final. On September 13, this year, 300 participants of the “Retail Innovation Days” congress, after hearing the presentation of the final projects, in a live vote, selected the winner – Żabka Nano.

    Żabka Nano was chosen by the jury and our participants for its great achievements. With more than 50 autonomous stores in Europe, Żabka Nano is the European leader and idol for other retailers in Europe in this field – said Professor Dr. Stephan Rüschen, Head of the Retailing Faculty at DWBW University in Heilbronn.

    We are very pleased with the next award for the Żabka Nano concept. It is a proof for us that our ambitious project is a good investment, noticed and appreciated not only by customers but also by the industry and scientific community. I hope that we will continue to surprise the market with more innovative solutions – commented Tomasz Blicharski, EVP, Managing Director of Żabka Futu

    The “Retail Innovation Days” Congress was organized by the Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg in Heilbronn (DHBW Heilbronn), the largest retailing university in Germany, where about 900 students are studying for a degree in retailing and the city of Heilbronn is the brains and heart of retail in Germany.

    Żabka Nano – a project of the Żabka chain, whose mission is to simplify purchases thanks to technologies, hopes for a change in the retail market and is currently the largest operator of autonomous stores in Europe with already 50 facilities and ambitions to become the largest operator of this type in the world. Stores are already located, among others, in gyms, office buildings, and soon also in dormitories or hospitals.

    Żabka has won the NACS European Convenience Retail Technology Award, recognizing the company’s unique, fully autonomous Żabka Nano store concept. The award, sponsored by Gilbarco Veeder-Root, was presented on 2 June this year during the NACS Convenience Summit Europe in Berlin. The award was collected by Paweł Grabowski, director of unmanned solutions at Żabka Future.

    The NACS Convenience Retail Technology Award recognizes Żabka for pursuing a significant and compelling technology initiative in the convenience retailing segment. The judges agreed that Żabka Nano offers much more than just a frictionless shopping experience – it’s a holistic approach to offering next-level convenience where autonomous retail is in tandem with a compelling store proposition. 

    The first facility in this innovative concept – allowing you to shop in seconds, without queues, without cash or contact with shop attendants – was launched in June 2021. Żabka Nano stores operate in several formats, i.e. standalone container vending machines, traditional brick-and-mortar, or store-in-the-store. Each of them uses technology developed in close cooperation with American technology company AiFi. The range offered by  Żabka Nano stores is precisely tailored to the specifics of the location and profile of the customer.

    Today there are more than 40 Żabka Nano stores operating in the Polish market, making Żabka the largest autonomous store chain in Europe. The retail concept was created as part of the Żabka Future Business Incubator, which combines three elements: management and searching for innovations, transforming them into new products and services, and commercializing them. 

    The NACS European Convenience Retail Awards are given by NACS, which was founded in 1961 as an international trade association for the development of retail and fuel sales. The aim is to highlight outstanding achievements in European retail. The winners are selected in four categories: Convenience Retailer of the Year, Convenience Industry Leader of the Year, Convenience Retail Sustainability Award, and Convenience Retail Technology Award.

    Żabka Polska was among the leaders of the Polish economy distinguished by the editors of money.pl. The company won the money.pl award in the Technology of the Year category for the project of autonomous Żabka Nano stores. The award was received by Paweł Grabowski, director of unmanned solutions at Żabka Future, at the final gala which took place on May 11 during Impact’22 in Poznań.

    Żabka Polska was awarded by the jury of the competition for the design of Żabka Nano autonomous stores. The first outlet in an innovative format – allowing you to make purchases in seconds, without queues, without cash or contact with the staff – was launched in June 2021. Żabka Nano stores operate in several formats, such as stand-alone container vending machines, traditional brick-and-mortar, or store-in-the-store facilities. Each of them uses technology developed in close cooperation with the American technology company AiFi. Currently, there are 41 Żabka Nano stores, which are located in Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Piaseczno, Plewiska, Poznań, Sopot, Warsaw and Wrocław. This makes Żabka the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe.

    The editors of money.pl awarded the leaders of the Polish economy for the fourth time. Money.pl awards went to the most innovative companies and people who look at business in an unconventional and modern way, setting trends. In addition to the Technology of the Year, for which Żabka Polska was awarded, the Start-up of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year was selected. This year, the editorial office also awarded a special prize, which was awarded – symbolically – to all Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

    This year’s winners were selected by a jury composed of the presidents of the largest Polish companies, experienced managers, as well as representatives of the editorial office of money.pl and Wirtualna Polska. This prestigious prize has been awarded since 2019.

    Żabka has partnered with Globalworth, the owner and manager of the largest portfolio of office properties in Central and Eastern Europe, in which in 2022 the company will open several unmanned Żabka Nano stores in the largest Polish cities. The first facilities were opened in the B and D buildings of the modern Quattro Business Park office complex in Kraków. The opening of Żabka Nano stores in office spaces is another step in the development of Europe’s largest chain of unmanned stores, which already has 41 outlets.

    The fully autonomous and self-service Żabka Nano store is an ideal offer for investors who want to offer modern services and innovative solutions to their tenants in their properties. We are pleased that together with Globalworth we will be able to develop the concept of Żabka Nano in new locations – in office buildings and shortly also in shopping centers. Our goal is to simplify the life of our customers and offer to them convenient solutions using the latest technologies – says Paweł Grabowski, Head of Unmanned Solutions at Żabka Future.

    Quattro Business Park is a modern office complex comprising five buildings (A, B, C, D, and FIVE) with a total area of 66 thousand square meters. It is located in the northeastern part of Kraków, at 25 Gen. Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue, one of the main communication arteries of the city. The launch of two unmanned Żabka Nano stores will expand the range of functionalities and amenities that users and visitors of the complex can use daily. These are also the first unmanned Żabka outlets in Kraków office buildings.

    Innovation is part of our DNA, so we have established a partnership with Żabka Future for our entire property portfolio in Poland. We are proud that our office buildings are among the first in the country to offer their users a modern format of self-service Żabka Nano stores. This partnership is also the result of our proactive approach to tenants and their needs – we talk to them, take their opinions into account and introduce solutions that make our office buildings even more attractive places to work –says Weronika Maria Kuna, Asset Management and Leasing Manager, responsible for the commercialization of commercial and service space in Globalworth office buildings.

    The product mix of Żabka Nano stores in Quattro Business Park comprises approx. 400 products. It includes, among others, Żabka private label products, such as Szamamm ready dishes, Tomcio Paluch sandwiches, Foodini liquid snacks, Wycisk juices and lemonades and freshly ground coffee from a coffee machine.

    The Żabka Nano stores in the Kraków office complex use an innovative method of authorization and payment for purchases, implemented in cooperation with Adyen. Access to these is possible using a payment card – the client holds it in front of the terminal before entering the Żabka Nano store. Once the process is completed, the door will open automatically. On the first visit, the customer will provide a phone number to receive a text message confirming the purchase. Once the customer is inside, the shopping will only take a moment – it suffices to take selected products off the shelf and leave. A system of cameras installed in the stores, using algorithms including machine learning, will recognize the products removed from the shelves, charge the appropriate amount, and then automatically finalize the payment using the payment card used at the entrance to the Żabka Nano store. The system does not identify customers, nor does it remember the image, which guarantees full privacy and security.

    Unmanned Żabka stores are part of the Żabka Future Business Incubator initiative, which combines three elements: managing and searching for innovations, transforming them into new products and services, and commercializing them. The project also fits perfectly with the strategy of the Żabka Group, which assumes the implementation of actions aimed at maintaining climate neutrality – the Żabka Nano uses only the equivalent of green energy for its activities.

    Currently, there are 41 Żabka Nano stores, which are located in Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Piaseczno, Plewiska, Poznań, Sopot, Warsaw and Wrocław.