We have built the success of Żabka Group by understanding our consumers’ needs, their habits, desires and small everyday challenges. We never stop learning about our consumers and as Polish consumers change we recognise such changes and adjust our business accordingly. Currently there are three main consumer megatrends that we focus on.

    Responsible choices Ultimate convenience Digitalisation

    Fast pace of everyday urban and suburban life, long working hours and strive for betterment of living conditions makes the Polish consumer increasingly time-poor. In such environment Poles increasingly look for convenient solutions, things that make their lives easier. They prefer frequent, smaller purchases, focused on the same-day consumption, purchases that are able to fit within their quick lifestyles.

    Responsibility for oneself, close ones as well as responsibility for environment and local community makes Poles increasingly sensitive to questions of food quality, production and packaging sustainability, its diversity and its impact on health and wellness. Such choices start being seen not just a responsible, but necessary and practical, for our own benefit.

    One of the ways to make live more comfortable are comfortable, quick e-commerce purchases, use of technology and digitalisation. And Poles are becoming increasingly digitally proficient, using apps, internet shopping, being subscribed to digital services and actively looking for technological innovations. Poles really do see technology and innovation as facilitating easier life.


    Responsibility Report 2022

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