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    More than 300 foreigners develop their businesses with Żabka chain

    More than 300 foreigners develop their businesses with Żabka chain

    According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), Poland’s population was 37.6 million at the end of 2023, down from 2022. Further forecasts are not optimistic – by 2050, more than half of our country’s population may be over 50, which will translate into a greater demand for economically active people. Negative data on our country’s shrinking population and ageing population are already influencing public discussion about the future of the labour market. Already today, an increasing number of foreigners are contributing not only to the employee market. Those with ties to Poland, who have lived here for a long time or who want to stay in our country for the long term, are developing their businesses.

    There are currently more than 8,600 entrepreneurs representing 8 nationalities in the chain. In total, more than 350 non-Polish nationals run their shops. The vast majority are from Ukraine and Belarus, but there are also entrepreneurs from Moldova, Romania and even Egypt.

    Natalia Vaitovich, a Belarusian who has been running the facility in Warsaw since September 2022, emphasises: – I came to Poland to study in 2014. I worked for a few years, also in a managerial position in a clothing shop. During this time I met my now fiancé – we wanted to change something in our lives and start something of our own. One of the things that convinced us to join Żabka was the low investment, the extensive support offered by the chain from the very beginning, including an almost turnkey store, as well as the support from recruiters who helped me complete the documentation necessary to start the business. My fiancé is Polish and I plan to start a family here. Therefore, by running a store in the capital, I am contributing to the development of a place I want to be associated with permanently.

    In turn, Olena Saroyan, a franchisee also from the capital, says: – I am glad that my parents connected with Poland – apart from being Armenian, I now also have Polish citizenship. One of my friends, who has been running a Żabka franchise store for 5 years, inspired me and recommended this business to me. In September 2022, I opened my outlet in Warsaw, while continuing my studies in management. This is my first professional job and thus my first business of my own. My family ran grocery shops in Ukraine, you could say we are a family with a tradition in trade. Those closest to me helped me to develop the shop, which was extremely valuable during the first months requiring the greatest effort. The smooth introduction to the role of a franchisee was also possible, thanks to a lot of support from the chain.

    Benefits of being part of a franchise network

    By opening a shop with Żabka, franchisees from outside Poland gain the same benefits as those with Polish citizenship. They receive an outlet from the chain ready to run, equipped with equipment, computer systems, furniture or goods. They are covered by the „Business Insurance Policy“, which, according to the terms and conditions agreed with the insurance company, protects them from various unforeseen situations that may arise during running their own business and ensures financial stability at the end of the cooperation. They can also count on access to the chain’s more than 25 years of experience, a package of free training, direct shop deliveries, IT, service and marketing support, as well as several modern tools (the Cyberstore application or the Optiplan package with Żabka Assistant) to make running their business easier. In 2023, more than 81% of franchisees achieved at least PLN 25,000 in revenue per month.

    Franchising with Żabka – Requirements for non-Poland residents

    People of non-Polish origin wishing to start a business with Żabka, like everyone else, must, among other things, undergo a recruitment and training process completed by an exam, register a sole proprietorship in Poland, and make their contribution of around PLN 5,000.

    An additional requirement for candidates who do not have Polish citizenship and come from non-EU countries is the need to have legal residence, which entitles them to establish a sole proprietorship (JDG in Polish). On the other hand, based on the „special law“ (Law of 12.03.2022 on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of that country), citizens of Ukraine may set up a JDG and carry out economic activity on the territory of the Republic of Poland on the same terms as Polish citizens. However, the requirement in this case is that the Ukrainian citizen obtains a PESEL number and submits an application for a residence permit to the competent Office of the Governor. There is also a requirement for language certification at the B2 level, which is organised by the Żabka chain. Persons who have been legally residing in Poland for 2 years can take advantage of the promotional conditions for securing business in the form of a promissory note with 1 guarantor or a promissory note with a deposit of PLN 20,000 without a guarantor. Otherwise, they should present two guarantors for the bill of exchange or a bill of exchange with one guarantor and a deposit of PLN 25,000.

    Żabka gives young people and those with non-Polish roots a chance to develop. I develop under the chain’s banner personally and professionally. As an entrepreneur, I also have a micro-contribution to the Polish economy. I recommend this business to ambitious and hard-working people, regardless of their backgrounds. –concludes Olena Saroyan.


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