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    We shape a purpose-led trusted organisation of empowered people.


    Get to top 25% of the best employers according to the Gallup Institute engagement survey

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Increase employee satisfaction with the company’s activities for their development (Question 12 in the Gallup Engagement Survey)

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 not met

    100% of employees trained on business ethics principles

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    100% of employees trained on cyber security related issues

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 partially met

    Our approach

    Our Policies in this area

    Code of Conduct and Ethics for Employees

    The Code of Conduct and Ethics for Employees is a tool that can support you when you are faced with a choice and want to make sure you are making the right one. The standards and guidelines set forth in the Code are to facilitate your everyday work and be a signpost for appropriate and ethical behavior, in line with Żabka’s values.

    Equity Policy

    Given our values: Ambition, Openness, Responsibility and Credibility, Żabka Polska adopts this Equity Policy as its commitment to implement an equal opportunity culture. We recognize diversity and an inclusive organizational culture to be one of the strategic areas present in the Responsibility Strategy of Żabka Polska and its Responsible Organization pillar.

    Human Rights Policy

    The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that our employees and associates adhere to internationally recognised human rights standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labour Organization Conventions, and other relevant international agreements.

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    Our progress in 2023

    For us to deliver against our mission, our employees must be appreciated, respected and enabled to achieve their full potential. That’s why our culture is founded upon mutual respect, embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and ensuring equal opportunities.

    We apply policies and participate in initiatives that promote workplace inclusivity. We have signed the internationally recognised Diversity Charter, and the Equity Policy we introduced in 2021 guides our behaviour. We also take a systemic approach to measurement, continuously monitoring gender equity.

    Our working environment is based on fairness, respect and equality across every dimension, ensuring we have no barriers affecting disabled people or gender pay. In 2023, our first audit of our Equal-Salary Certification status was successful, highlighting management and employee awareness of equity-based issues. We were confirmed in 2023 as being in the 74th percentile of the world’s most engaged organisations. We were also the first Polish organisation to win the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award.

    Recent initiatives include ‘Żabka to ludzie’ (Żabka – the people), enabling employees and co-workers to apply our ideals outside work. Our DEI Educational Learning Programme teaches our leaders, employees and co-workers about issues from inclusive leadership to preventing discrimination. We are building a comprehensive system of ethics, in which all employees and franchisees comply with the law, international standards and adopted regulation, including that related to anti-corruption. Following implementation of our Code of Conduct and Ethics for Employees, 100% of our people have received training.

    In 2023, we included cybersecurity in our programme of compulsory training programmes, and close to 99% of employees have been trained. We have received ISO27001 certification for information security, which is now part of an Integrated Management System alongside the ISO 9001, 14001, 22001 and 50001 standards.

    Selected activities in 2023

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      Sustainable  lifestyle
      We make it easy for customers to change their habits for the better.      read more >
    • 02
      Mindful business impact
      We make a positive impact with entrepreneurs on the economy.      read more >
    • 03
      Responsible  organization
      We shape a purpose-led trusted organisation of empowered people.      read more >
    • 04
      Green  planet
      We minimise our environmental impact across the whole value chain.      read more >

    Responsibility Report 2023

    Żabka Group ranked #2 in Top 100
    Global Most Loved Workplaces ranking.
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