Every day, fresh, tasty and diversified

    Le’Frog is all about dishes of the highest restaurant quality, from fresh deliveries – from the chef straight to the shelf.

    Chores, work, hectic schedules… All this means that there is not enough time in your schedule to prepare a tasty meal. Indeed, not only tasty, but also healthy and made from quality ingredients. Le’Frog is the poetry of taste for all those busy gourmets for whom quality and restaurant taste is important. The meals prepared by the master chef will charm even the most demanding taste buds. 

    Key advantages

    Fresh and tasty every day

    Le’Frog are dishes with a short shelf life. It always takes less than 24 hours from preparation to hitting the shelves. The meals have a three-day shelf life – so if you don’t eat them at work, you can come back to them the very next day.

    Appetising meals from professional chefs

    Le’Frog’s dishes are prepared with precision, often from the original ideas of our chefs. The preparation, from ingredient selection to composing and arranging, is always done by experts, as if you were ordering in a restaurant.

    Packaging is sealed and hand-dated. All meet the most stringent health and safety standards.

    Always something new

    At Le’Frog, the menu changes regularly. Look for something new on the shelves, let yourself be surprised by compositions and flavours you’ve never tried before.

    Healthy composition

    Le’Frog’s meals have been prepared to provide you with all the nutrients you need and to keep you feeling full. In addition to a tasty combination of products, you can count on getting the energy you need to work and your hunger satisfied.

    Product categories

    More about Le’Frog at zabka.pl/tylko-u-nas/lefrog


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