Together we can do more. For customers, local communities and the planet. That is why we are introducing the Fair business platform – a space for sharing experiences, inspiration, initiatives and joint actions for sustainable development.

    Our mission is to create value by making people’s lives easier. Inherent in this is sustainability, achieved on an ethical basis with our partners who share our approach and beliefs. We believe that success is not only what we achieve together, but also the way we do it.

    Fair business is business that creates value sustainably and with respect for the planet. It is a business managed ethically and responsibly. One in which, together with partners, we develop innovative solutions that have a positive impact on the environment – decarbonisation of the production and supply chain, circular models, promotion of good habits. The value of the projects supported by the Fair business platform will be the unique combination of ecological and ethical aspects and managing and acting responsibly each and every day.

    We believe that the key to success is sustainable and collaborative action. As our business Partners, you play a key role in fulfilling our mission, so we actively want to engage you in building a partnership based on shared values, principles and trust. We believe that that is the only way our business can bring real change and enable responsible business and value creation for our customers.

    – Piotr Rajewski, Sales Director

    We know that Żabka customers value innovations, not only those related to product innovations, but also those that have a real, positive impact on the environment and themselves.  By respecting the environment and striving to reduce our consumption of raw materials, we are eager to enter into partnerships that support our pursuit of a closed loop economy.

    – Joanna Kasowska, Director of Quality and Food Management Standards

    As a chain reaching several million customers throughout Poland, we can have a real impact on consumer choices and habits. That’s why we are actively looking for partners who offer solutions to support the transformation of the convenience ecosystem, including in the area of sustainability. We combine the expertise, resources and potential of the Żabka Group with the knowledge and skills of our partners to test, develop and scale products and services that make the lives of our customers easier. In this way, we increase the range of customers who actively benefit from the effects of joint activities.

    – Jerzy Roguski, Director of Commercial Affairs and Development of Żabka Polska

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    Together we can do more

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    We are eager to connect with companies that care about building partnerships for positive change and fostering innovation in the area of sustainability.


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