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    Every year, as much as 1/3 of the food produced around the world is wasted, including 5 million tonnes in Poland. This is an environmental as well as an economic problem, driven by the increased use of resources and overproduction of waste. 

    To address the situation, in 2022 we set up a food-waste prevention programme, for which we agreed a strategic roadmap. We noticed the rising challenge of food waste that is impacted by the rapid growth of our chain. We have reviewed our own operations and reduced food waste intensity by 27%, and we have been testing new initiatives and will gradually implement them in the network. With a focus on customer satisfaction as well as waste optimisation, we are finalising a pilot phase for five initiatives across the whole product life-cycle, from supply planning right through storage, distribution and store implementation to sale or withdrawal. 

    In the first step, we have introduced a number of stock-management initiatives in our distribution centres, allowing us to increase delivery efficiency and flexibility. Thanks to the introduction of GS1 bar codes in recent years, our franchisees can now analyse inventory in their stores in real time. They now know when the best-before date of own brand products is approaching, meaning they can reduce their prices or change their display in store. As a result, the store reduces possible losses, and the customer can buy a high-quality product at an attractive discount. 

    Products with a short best-before date are donated to Caritas, to which they go directly from our logistics centres, and to the Federation of Polish Food Banks and the Camillian Social Welfare Mission. From the branches of these non-governmental organisations, food products are then delivered to local communities through various facilities and institutions, including canteens, social therapy centres and shelters for homeless people. These organisations also provide food as packages directly to their beneficiaries, including specific individuals and families. In 2022, the Żabka chain donated a total of close to 403.4 tonnes of food to public-benefit organisations in this way.

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