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    zabka group's innovative solutions to improve customer satisfaction and support sustainable lifestyle

    Why is this important?

    The amount of and the quality of free time are becoming increasingly important for all of us. As our country develops economically and socially, Poles declare that they are faced with a lack of time daily or almost daily. This phenomenon is particularly prominent among those active professionally.. Every third person has, on weekdays, as little as one hour of free time per day. This is why it is so important to respond comprehensively to the needs of consumers and to create solutions that make it easier for them to fulfill their everyday obligations, as this means that they are also able to spend their free time while pursuing other activities. Transformation of the modern convenience model and creation of an ecosystem of solutions operating under the umbrella of the Żabka Group allows us to free up our customers’ time, enabling them to live sustainable lifestyles.

    Our contribution

    By offering an entire ecosystem of solutions, we accompany consumers at all times during their day. Our solutions promote a sustainable lifestyle and help free up time, thus making the world a more comfortable place to live in.

    Over 9,000 of our stores that are open during convenient hours offer quick shopping opportunities and free up customers’ time. Autonomous Żabka Nano stores are the locations at which customers may shop regardless of the time of day. Information about the latest products and promotions may be found in our Źappka app which has already been downloaded over 10 million times.

    A convenient choice of balanced box diets modified to meet individual nutritional needs, a wide range of additional products supporting a sustainable lifestyle and a dietary expert consultation service are just some of our proposals for those who are always on the run, yet willing to make sure that their lives are comfortable and healthy at the same time.

    Ability to shop without leaving the comfort of your home is an offer for those lookingvaluing convenience and having limited amounts of free time. Quick shopping for Żabka Jush or Delio products address any sudden cravings we may have, and allow customers to purchase of products needed during the week.

    What have we done so far?

    We consistently expand the convenience ecosystem to include services that allow our customers to improve their habits and to ensure that they may enjoy more time by meeting their everyday needs in a convenient and safe manner. Additional convenience features are introduced both in our brick-and-mortar Żabka stores and virtually by expanding the functionality of our apps. We are expanding the convenience ecosystem and show that a comfortable life may be led by everyone and every day. The services improving the comfort of our customers we introduced in 2021 include, inter alia, the paysafecash secure payment mechanism, HomeDoctor vouchers for remote consultations with a doctor of a selected specialty field, top-ups for city cards issued in Łódź and subscription payments performed in cooperation with Orange. We are constantly expanding the catalogue of services available in our Żappka app that has already been downloaded by over ten million users in Poland. In 2021, the app was used to manage the “Collect the parcel at Żabka” programme or the “Good Package” functionality – a pilot programme preventing food waste, introduced jointly with our franchisees. Positive shopping experience, a rich product offering that is tailored to our customers’ needs, modern sales and communication channels, as well as strategic approach to sustainable development – all activities we undertook last year have translated into increased customer satisfaction levels. NPS survey has shown that it equals 50 points and complies with the target assumed for 2021.

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