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    Our progress in 2022

    We opened our 9,000th and our 9,001st stores during 2022, demonstrating how in challenging times we continue to create opportunities and develop entrepreneurship in Poland. 

    In parallel, we have continued to change and enhance the image and perception of our stores to reach and attract more customers. As a network that’s driven by customer needs, for several years we’ve been creating new formats in line with customer locations and expectations. New formats are adapted to meet the needs of people on the move, who can take advantage of an expanded food offer around hot snacks, coffee, sandwiches and salads. 

    This approach is also giving our franchisees the opportunity to run a strong local business, and the figures show this is succeeding. We survey franchisee satisfaction on a regular basis, enabling us to respond more quickly to their needs. This has shown a 13-point rise in their NPS score, and the proportion of franchisees leaving of their own accord is lower than 8%. 

    The greatest challenge our franchisees report is the growing difficulty they face in hiring and retaining employees, and those leaving the network often cite a lack of available talent as their reason for doing so. To address this key issue, during the year we launched the Sprzedawca Pro (the Seller Pro) project with the aim of reducing attrition among store employees by increasing their commitment and attachment to the workplace. This is supported by three key pillars: 
    – Image: with the launch of new, more modern corporate clothing;
    – Development: with a focus on training materials for franchisees and salespeople; and
    – Motivation: including the introduction of a new incentive programme for sales staff. 

    We have also launched the Entrepreneurship+ programme pilot in partnership with the Warsaw University of Technology, which is intended to be a long-term franchisee-development programme, strengthening competencies in the area of team management. 

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