Mindful business impact


    We make a positive impact with entrepreneurs on the economy.


    Increase in franchisees’ NPS score as a result of co-operation with Żabka

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 partially met

    Retain total franchisees’ churn rate at same level

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    100% of business partners familiarised with the Code of Conduct

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Involve business partners responsible for 75% of purchasing and service expenditures in science-based reduction targets

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Our approach:

    Nasze polityki w tym obszarze:

    Code of Conduct for Business Partners

    The Code of Conduct for Business Partners is a set of rules that shape the company’s relationships with its surrounding community. In addition to laying grounds for our cooperation and setting standards, it defines ambitions and directions of development that Żabka Polska intends to follow together with its business partners.

    Human Rights Policy for Business Partners

    The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that our Business Partners adhere to internationally recognised human rights standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labour Organization Conventions, and other relevant international agreements.

    Corporate Philanthropy and Sponsorship Policy

    Żabka Polska wants to address significant social challenges in a conscious and responsible manner and positively influence various stakeholder groups. In accordance with the adopted Social Engagement Strategy, three pillars have been set to ensure the fulfillment of the above commitment.

    Responsible Communication, Marketing and Advertising Policy

    Żabka Polska carries out its mission based on four key values: responsibility, openness, credibility and ambition. They are the foundation of all business processes as well as attitudes and behaviors that shape the organizational culture.

    Public Engagement Policy

    The social, economic, environmental and legislative environment in which Żabka Polska operates is changing dynamically and gives rise to significant challenges that require the Company to seek optimal solutions.

    Our progress in 2023

    Żabka will soon reach a milestone of 9,000 franchisees, who operate their stores in all corners of Poland. New franchisees can expect comprehensive support, including a fully equipped store, training, innovative solutions such as the OptiPlan programme and the Cyberstore app and the opportunity to operate stores in various modern formats. The results of the Franchise Satisfaction Survey, conducted in December 2023, made us very happy: we have achieved the highest level of franchisee satisfaction not only in the last two years, but also since the beginning of these measurements! 44% of franchisees rated the cooperation as 9 or 10. Żabka also expands its service offerings by partnering with WoshWosh to offer shoe cleaning and repair. Żabka encourages customers to prioritize shoe repair over purchasing new ones.

    We believe in sustainable and collaborative action, engaging our business partners in building a partnership based on shared values, principles and trust. this is the only way our business can bring real change and enable responsible business and value creation for our customers. To strengthen our collaboration we introduced a Fair business online platform, where we support and communicate on various shared projects. We regularly gather feedback as part of the dialogue. We obtained first place in the nationwide satisfaction study (NFS), ahead of the 20 retail chains participating. Moreover, we received the Grand Prize ‘Retailer of the Year 2023 – Chosen by Suppliers’ in the category Small Format/Convenience Chain and special award Sustainable Retailer of the Year. 

    We are creating an environment of innovation and experience-sharing with scientific institutions, business incubators and business partners. In 2023 we selected 5 innovative startups for Żabka Future Lab accelerator programme: Clevon, Farada Group, Perfect Data, Alphamoon, and MuchSkills. The selected startups will benefit from a tailored acceleration path, testing their solutions in Żabka stores, autonomous Żabka Nano stores, and with our logistics partners. They will receive mentorship from over 30 experts working at Żabka Group.

    Selected activities in 2023

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      Mindful business impact
      We make a positive impact with entrepreneurs on the economy.      read more >
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      Responsible  organization
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      Green  planet
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    Responsibility Report 2023

    Żabka Group ranked #2 in Top 100
    Global Most Loved Workplaces ranking.
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