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    A new player in the Romanian convenience market. Żabka Group has opened its first Froo stores

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    A new player in the Romanian convenience market. Żabka Group has opened its first Froo stores

    Żabka Group is a comprehensive convenience ecosystem originating in Poland with both physical and digital sales channels. Its products and services are used daily by more than 3 million people who value their time and the convenience of shopping.

    The Żabka Group in Poland includes over 10,000 stores under the Żabka banner, Nano unmanned stores, q-commerce, e-commerce solutions and diet catering. Żabka has been building its leading position since 1998 when the first store was established in Poland. In entering the Romanian market, the Group is building on more than 25 years of experience gained in the Polish market, knowledge of consumer behaviour and the know-how of its Romanian partner DRIM Daniel Distributie – a leader in FMCG distribution in Romania.

    Romania is a significant market in Central and Eastern Europe, with a population of over 19 million inhabitants, making it the second-largest consumer market in the region. The similar consumer profile to Poland and the growth prospects for the Romanian market made this direction a natural step in the expansion of the Żabka Group. Romanian consumers appreciate small, nearby shops where they can make impulse purchases for immediate consumption – which is why Froo fits in well with their needs with its mission statement “Everything you need, you will find in Froo”. – says Anna Grabowska, CEO of Zabka International.

    An analysis of the Romanian market and a survey of local consumers conducted by Kantar[1] shows that 47% of Romanian citizens surveyed prefer to shop spontaneously or on impulse when time allows. The same group indicated that they like to buy groceries in small stores close to where they are staying. Froo aims to respond to the needs of this group of people.

    Development of local entrepreneurship

    The name Froo refers to the DNA of the Polish brand from which it originated. Żabka’s characteristic smile has remained in the Froo logo, under the letters RO – on the one hand, this is a reference to Romania, on the other hand, the smile itself is an important symbol for the brand of openness and a positive approach to customers, and the name itself is short and easy to pronounce. Although the name of the chain is different in Poland and Romania, the branding and character of the brand have remained the same.

    Froo Romania Retail S.R.L., a company belonging to the Żabka Group, is responsible for the development of the store chain in Romania. It aims to support local entrepreneurship, so the stores will operate under a business partnership model. Froo plans to open stores in major towns and cities across Romania, with outlets ranging from 50 to 70 sqm. Each location is analysed in terms of its attractiveness to customers, but also logistics and growth potential. There are currently five stores operating under the Froo banner in the country’s capital.

    In the first stage, we opened the stores in the friends&family formula, which allowed us to test the IT, assortment and logistics solutions introduced. We then opened test outlets for customers. We asked for their opinions and perceptions of our stores. We are committed to responding to our customers’ needs in the best possible way, which is why we are constantly improving our processes and enhancing our offer. We are aware that we still have a lot to learn, but thanks to the cooperation within the Group and the local market experience of DRIM Daniel Distributie, we can provide customers with a new shopping experience.  – says Radu Trandafir, General Manager, Froo Romania Retail S.R.L.

    Everything you need can be found at Froo

    In the Froo chain’s stores, more than 80% of the assortment consists of well-known and well-liked Romanian brands and international brands from Romanian suppliers. Following the example of the Polish market, Froo also offers private label products – the range includes Tommy Bites sandwiches, Good Soul lunch products and Barefruit drinks. A wide range of hot snacks, such as a hot dog or fries, and coffees are also available at all stores, operating under the Froo Bistro banner. An offer prepared for customers who want to quickly satisfy their hunger and thirst on the go.

    In all stores, customers can return product packaging covered by the deposit system – with a capacity of 0.1 to 3 litres. Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are available at selected outlets for the collection of plastic, aluminium and glass packaging. Packaging can also be left at retailers. The deposit activities undertaken by Froo are a result of Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy, which includes activities promoting a closed-loop economy. It is also a fulfilment of the regulations in force in Romania.

    [1] Source: Kantar CAWI survey, 2022.


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