Sustainable Lifestyle


    We make it easy for customers to change their habits for the better.


    Multiply the sales value of own brand products promoting a sustainable lifestyle (in PLN)

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Increase the share of own brand products promoting a sustainable lifestyle

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Reduce food waste intensity in own operations by 25%

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    50% of unsold food in internal operations redistributed

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Increase in customers’ NPS score by 2 points each year

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 not met

    Our approach

    Our Policies in this area

    Biodiversity Policy

    This Policy sets out the general principles of conduct for the protection of biodiversity, and also indicates the main directions of Żabka Polska’s activities in this scope, aimed at ensuring the protection of ecosystems and preventing the loss of biodiversity. The policy applies to both Żabka Polska and its Franchisees, as well as suppliers of Own Brands.

    Animal Welfare Policy

    The Policy sets uniform standards in relation to animal and animal-derived products in the Żabka Polska Own Brand range and indicates the direction for standards in producer brand products.

    Water Resources Policy

    The Policy sets out the rules relating to the reduction of water use and the protection of water resources.

    Sustainable Palm Oil Policy

    This Policy sets forth uniform standards and procedures for handling own-brand and branded products containing palm oil and offered by Żabka Polska.

    Policy of Sustainable Sourcing of Raw Vegetable Materials, Fish and seafood

    This Policy sets out uniform norms and procedure in respect of Own Brand Products offered by Żabka Polska to the extent concerning coffee, tea, coco, soy, fish and seafood.

    Our progress in 2023

    In 2023, we at Żabka Group were active on many fronts in helping our customers enjoy a sustainable lifestyle and make informed buying decisions. It all starts with good nutrition. By using Nutri-Score labelling, for example, we clearly identify those products with low levels of potentially harmful contents such as sugar, salt and preservatives.

    Our ‚Porcja DobreGO!’ (portion of good food) programme aims to show people that good nutrition doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming or complicated. With products characterised by high fibre, protein, fruit and vegetable content, it enables customers to choose from 170 of our own-brand products with a high Nutri-Score of A or B, as well as multiple healthy items created by other brand owners. We also cater for customers such as vegans or diabetics who have special dietary needs, with our Maczfit catering service brand making it easy for everybody to order the food that suits them best. And we’re actively promoting healthy eating among young people via an educational game on the Roblox platform.

    A healthy food ecosystem extends beyond nutrition alone. We aim to reduce waste by enabling our customers easily to buy only the amount of food they need at the time. We also use AI to match the goods delivered to each store with local shopping habits, making it easy for people to find what they want and need and so reducing any unnecessary environmental impact.

    We also enable our customers to maximise the benefit of visiting our stores, with a particular focus on making the shopping experience as different as possible from the competition. Not only does our approach mean the average visit only takes each customer around two minutes. It also packs in the greatest possible convenience – for example, through our Kawonament coffee-subscription mechanism and our WoshWosh shoe-cleaning and repair service.

    Selected activities in 2023

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      Sustainable  lifestyle
      We make it easy for customers to change their habits for the better.      read more >
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    Responsibility Report 2023

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