We create value by making people's lives easier

    Our mission is to make people’s lives easier. All our solutions, the stores proximity, selected and tailored assortment, well-thought-out services and comfort of shopping – help in everyday life, make the world more comfortable and free up your time. This way we respond to the needs of customers who, while constantly on the move, want to live healthily, comfortably and take pleasure in everyday life.

    The essence of what we provide is not a product, but complete solutions. That is why we integrate products and services to provide a complete ecosystem of solutions for every part of the day, every need and every craving. We call this ecosystem – the ultimate convenience ecosystem. With this ecosystem, customers gain time, which is now a new currency – time they can spend on the things that are important to them in life.

    Convenience ecosystem

    Our ecosystem consists, on the one hand, of what we call “Modern on-the-go convenience” solutions – solutions embedded in the urban fabric and the daily routines of customers. These include grocery shopping, quick meal solutions and postal services.

    On the other hand, there are solutions we describe as “Modern anywhere convenience” – solutions that, through dedicated applications and digital platforms, increase the accessibility of our services and products. These include various boxed meals programs that can be ordered for home or office delivery, or instant online shopping delivered within 15 minutes.

    Finally, the convenience ecosystem is rounded off by our “Product Brands”, which combine and intermingle both physical and digital worlds, providing unique products for modern nutrition, at every moment of daily life, from morning to evening.

    Modern on-the-go convenience Modern anywhereconvenience Own Brands

    Modern on-the-go convenience

    Solutions in this area are created to be available to customers on the go, when an urgent need or impulse arises. When a customer needs to do some quick shopping (Żabka, Żabka Nano), is hungry and thirsty (Żabka Café) or when he wants to do something quickly (Convenient Services). This makes Żabka a key point in the urban fabric: a store, a restaurant and a post office all in one. Everything is available on the spot, at every step, because based on analyses conducted by the Group in 2021, approximately 15.5 million Polish customers live less than 500 metres from the nearest Żabka store. The “on-the-go” solutions are integrated within Żappka – an application thanks to which you can use a code to pick up a parcel (Żappka Post), make contactless payments (Żappka Pay) or use the collected points, so called Żapps, for a selected assortment in the store.

    Modern anywhere convenience

    The solutions in this area extend Żabka’s presence into the digital world. They provide convenient and immediate access to food solutions not only on the run, in the city, but also at other moments of the day, wherever and whenever. Thanks to Maczfit, a market leading direct-to-customer ready meal provider, and the Dietly.pl platform, customers can have instant access to tailored diet programmes with just a few clicks. Thanks to Żabka Jush! app customers have access to groceries in as little as 15 minutes, and thanks to the Delio service, access to fresh products delivered even within two hours. Solutions in this area are more than just products: they are a lifestyle, embedded in digital tools. The “anywhere” area is complemented by the Żappka application, which allows one for example to track a package or browse current promotions and new products in the application.

    Product brands

    Our product brands are among the key examples of Żabka’s philosophy of convenient solutions. By maintaining full control over ingredients, recipe and technology, they are delicious and healthy products that provide a unique experience at any time of day, for any occasion or need, from breakfast to supper. They are available both in the world of digital solutions (such as Maczfit and Żabka Jush!) and physical solutions (Żabka and Żabka Nano stores). They combine and permeate both worlds, responding to the needs of customers who value convenience, health and responsible pleasure.


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