Green planet


    We minimise our environmental impact across the whole value chain.


    Reduce share of virgin plastic in the weight of own brand plastic packaging by 25% (vs. 2019)

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Achieve packaging neutrality for own brand products

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    100% of own brand products packaging suitable for recycling processes

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 not met

    Reduce total Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions (without offset) by 25% (vs. 2020)

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Reduce franchisee greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 70% (Scope 3, vs. 2020)

    2023 RESULT
    expectations for 2023 met

    Our approach

    Our Policies in this area

    Plastic Circularity Policy

    Żabka Polska strategic commitment is to create conditions for a green and sustainable living for everyone, every day. This is why one of the core pillars of our Responsibility Strategy is the Green Planet. Żabka focus on actions that allow us to minimize our environmental impact across the whole value chain to protect Green Planet.

    Decarbonisation policy

    The decarbonisation policy sets out general guidelines to achieve the climate goals described in our Responsibility Strategy. This policy also responds to commitments arising from Żabka’s participation in initiatives to address climate change.

    Energy Policy

    The Energy Policy indicates a course of action aiming to increase energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy sources, both in the Żabka’s own operations (scope 2) and in value chain (scope 3).

    Travel Policy

    The Travel Policy is a set of principles and good practices for travel in the performance of professional duties by Żabka Polska Employees and Associates. It aims to facilitate informed and more environmentally friendly management decisions regarding travel and means of transport.

    Transport Policy

    The Transport Policy sets out general principles for the transport of goods at Żabka Polska, in line with environmental responsibility and applies to current and future Business Partners responsible for transporting goods.

    Water Resources Policy

    The Policy sets out the rules relating to the reduction of water use and the protection of water resources.

    Waste Management Policy

    The Policy sets out the guidelines in respect of the recommended waste management methods to reduce waste production at each point in the product’s lifecycle. This Policy applies to Żabka Polska, Franchisees, as well as the suppliers of Own Brand Products and other brand products.

    Our progress in 2023

    Promoting the circular economy and gaining the insights we need to reduce our carbon footprint were two of the most significant focus areas for Żabka Group during 2023.

    In terms of circularity, we piloted our ‘Green Renewal’ campaign in Zielona Gora and Bydgoszcz, enabling customers to re-turn to our stores PET bottles of up to two litres and metal cans of up to one litre. This promotes eco-aware behaviour, as does our new ‘green reusable cups’ initiative that aims to reduce costs for consumers as well as waste by offering a PLN 1 discount every time they use a reusable or recyclable cup to buy one of the millions of hot drinks we sell every year.

    To gain deeper understanding of our carbon footprint, we have implemented a customised toolkit that integrates the advanced Microsoft Sustainability Manager solution with a data-aggregation application and be-spoke Power BI reporting. This platform gives us everything we need for better carbon insight and reporting.

    It now underpins our efforts to reduce emissions across our value chain, including our long-established plan to reduce the im-pact of our vehicles. This has seen us introduce more than 900 full-hybrid, 300 plug-in hybrid, and 30+ zero- emission electric cars across our wider fleet and implementing a Travel Policy with rules and best practices for our employees and associates. Together with an electric-charging infrastructure and driver motivation program focused on economical and safe driving, it has helped us get closer to achieving our decarbonisation targets.

    Other initiatives include increasing to 76.61% the proportion of our delivery trucks that meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards, and growing our fleet of refrigerated vehicles to cut our reliance on dry ice in transit. Turning to the store network, we ran a com-petition to encourage the reduced use of electricity, with nearly 3,000 franchisees committing to using 10% less electricity. The success of the first three-month initiative encouraged us to do it again, collectively saving over 2.7GWh towards our Scope 3 targets.

    Selected activities in 2023

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    Responsibility Report 2023

    Żabka Group ranked #2 in Top 100
    Global Most Loved Workplaces ranking.
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