Customer, franchisee and planet friendly


    Żabka Eko Smart stores are a laboratory for ecological innovation enriched with smart solutions. Inside, we combine the latest environmentally friendly solutions and advanced technologies to see, together with customers, employees and franchisees, what the commerce of the future could look like.

    Naturally friendly

    The very way in which Żabka Eko Smart was created minimises the environmental footprint. The tiles on the walls come from recycling – we used coffee grounds and coffee husks. We replaced the polyurethane foam in fridge insulation with natural hemp seed fibre. There are also features that encourage customers to return packaging or promote the bicycle as a means of transport. Intelligent systems watch over ventilation, air conditioning and energy consumption – some of which the store itself produces, with the rest coming from 100% renewable sources. Responsibility and sustainability are in the DNA of this project.

    Step by step towards the climate goal

    The new store is part of Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy. Its essential element is a concern for the environment (including achieving climate neutrality by the end of 2025 and reducing in-store emissions intensity by 70% by the end of 2026). 

    Żabka Eko Smart is another step towards fulfilling our commitment to the climate and future generations.

    Breakthrough technology debuts at Żabka

    The Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań uses one of the world’s first perovskite installations. This breakthrough, highly efficient photovoltaic technology generates green energy from sunlight and artificial light. It was used for the shutters on one of the walls of the building and the price display strips installed on the shelves with merchandise, which saves paper.

    Eko + Smart = solutions of the future

    The technologies used in Żabka Eko Smart come mainly from Polish manufacturers. 14 innovative companies and laboratories worked together with the Żabka team. Together, we have created an innovative store of the future, and we were among the first in the world to apply some of the ideas. “Eko” and “Smart” solutions are focused on four pillars: Green Energy, Clean Air, Green Transport and Second Life.

    02 Clean air

    We try to limit the amount of particulates and harmful substances that end up in the atmosphere, using, for example, plants in the vertical garden and special dust-absorbing cobblestones.

    03 Second life

    Because it is better to reuse rather than produce new ones.

    04 Green transport

    The bicycle is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. We want to make life easier for those who have decided to choose green transport to get to our stores.

    05 Responsible products

    Motivated by our concern for the state of our planet, we are continually introducing items whose production has a lesser impact on the environment. These can be found in all Żabka stores. We are showing that what is good for the climate can also be good for customers and have a positive impact on their health and eating habits:

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    Responsibility Report 2023

    Żabka Group ranked #2 in Top 100
    Global Most Loved Workplaces ranking.
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