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    „Porcja DobreGO!“, which is a valuable meal for every season of the day from Żabka

    „Porcja DobreGO!“, which is a valuable meal for every season of the day from Żabka

    Good composition and excellent taste do not have to be mutually exclusive. The new food program „Porcja DobreGO!” from Żabka is aimed at making good nutrition easier. The chain offers well-balanced ready meals and snacks that not only respond to different taste preferences but are also adapted to different lifestyles. Analyzing the trends and expectations of consumers regarding rational nutrition and at the same time their anxieties related to insufficient knowledge or lack of time, Żabka wants to provide them with easy access to good, ready-made meals from a rich portfolio of private labels. All in cooperation with a qualified nutritionist.

    Żabka stores are visited by about 3 million customers every day. Many of them associate good nutrition with the labor-intensive process of preparing and planning meals. The „Porcja DobreGO!” program is designed to change this perspective. Tasty and healthy food can now be at your fingertips, also when it comes to the category of ready meals, which according to our research are purchased by 70% of adult Poles. The initiative follows a new approach to good nutrition that the chain defined in 2022. After the pandemic and in the face of rising inflation, fewer and fewer people are choosing to „eat in restaurants“, so the popularity of ready meals is increasing. Being aware of this, the chain wants to offer its customers full-fledged products that they can reach for regularly. Thanks to this, the consumer no longer has to think about how to eat tasty and healthy, because the Żabka did it FOR Them.

    Tasty and for every occasion

    Dishes and snacks marked with a special sticker „Porcja DobreGO!“, selected from the range of private labels, are distinguished by the highest quality in all aspects. Each product covered by the program is carefully selected, taking into account the knowledge of the dietician and the various consumer habits. The mission of good nutrition also includes the portions of the product themselves – which in terms of volume and composition constitute a full-fledged meal for every occasion. In this way, access to good food and a change of diet on own terms with the Żabka chain becomes extremely easy.

    Good food should not be difficult to access or time-consuming. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy fully-fledged meals that fit their expectations and circumstances. We would also like to confirm that ecology understood through sustainable food is one of the pillars of our activity and fits into all the chain’s development plans. Initiatives such as the „Porcja DobreGO!” program are designed to make life easier for our customers without increasing our negative environmental impact. We know that we are on the verge of a global food transformation, and the Żabka wants to be always where the needs of consumers are”. –  says Anna Grabowska, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer of the Żabka Group.

    Good composition, good taste – just „Porcja DobreGO!”

    Żabka consistently strives to develop its private label segment. It works with both the largest suppliers of ingredients and finished products, as well as with small local producers. It watches over ingredients, recipes, and the production process. „Porcja DobreGO!“ is another step of this strategy – the program offer includes products from all the private label brands available in the Żabka chain – Plant Hunter, Shamamm, Tomcio Paluch, or Dobra Karma.

    „Most of us are aware that rational nutrition affects our health, condition, and well-being. On the one hand, we try to listen to the advice of nutritionists, experts, and specialists, but every next tip introduces us to even more information confusion – we do not know exactly what products to choose at the store shelf, how to prepare tasty meals on their basis and how to compose a daily menu to provide all the necessary nutrients – says Agnieszka Piskała-Topczewska, nutritionist, Good Nutrition Manager in the Żabka Group. – That’s why the Żabka chain makes good nutrition much easier. In our private label range, we find products in which „tasty“ and „healthy“ are not in opposition, we took care of the best quality of ingredients, their proper proportions in ready meals, nutritional and health benefits, which are increasingly expected from ready-made products. Although we are different, we like different tastes, and we have different eating habits and beliefs, today the Żabka connects everyone at one table with the common denominator, which is „Porcja DobreGO!” – she adds.

    As the program continues, more and more products with the indication „Porcja DobreGO!” will appear in the Żabka stores. The key to their choice is the Nutri-Score system, which is located on 100% of the private label products. It communicates the nutritional profile of a meal and is excellent navigation for the intuitive balancing of the daily menu. Meals and snacks with a special sticker have the highest possible scores, namely Nutri-Score A and B. Among the currently available options, for those looking for a quick breakfast, the Tomcio Paluch sandwich with leek and egg in two versions – cooked and in the form of paste will be perfect. In turn, it is worth betting on filling and aromatic Shamm soups, e.g. tomato cream with cream or Ukrainian borscht, during lunchtime. Whether you prefer light vegetarian dishes or perhaps meat meals, the offer will include ready-made main dishes – Caesar salad or pasta with juicy chicken, as well as falafel from the Good Karma brand. For fans of more classic items, the traditional Russian dumplings Shamamm will work. The whole is complemented by appetizers in the form of cashew nuts and HAPS! almonds.

    The initiative started on July 5 with the action „Spróbuj DobreGO!” and will last until August 29, accompanied by an extensive 360 degrees campaign. To make it easier for customers to recognize the dishes and snacks present in the program, selected of them are marked with a special sticker. For holders of the mobile app Żappka – products are available at a promotional price – more than 25% cheaper.

    Good nutrition in every aspect, for every occasion and lifestyle – it is just „Porcja DobreGO!”.


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