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    Promotion of good nutrition in the virtual world of Żabka

    Promotion of good nutrition in the virtual world of Żabka

    The game with educational elements „Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!“ available on the Roblox platform

    Żabka continues to surprise and focuses on innovative forms of communication with its customers. Wishing to build even more effective awareness of healthy and balanced eating among younger consumers, the chain joined the global community of the Roblox platform. From August 28, platform users can discover the virtual world of Żabka by joining the game „Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!“. The game with educational elements was created as part of the nutrition program „Porcja DobreGO!“.

    In Żabka, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to communicate with customers and activate them. We use the latest technologies and global trends, including investments in gaming. An example of our activities in this area is the currently ongoing test of the Żabu game and our latest implementation, i.e. the game „Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!“ on the Roblox platform. In the virtual world created by us, players will find a futuristic version of the Żabka store and the well-known from our program „Porcja DobreGO!“ tasty and nutritious products marked with A and B notes on the Nutri-Score scale. Through gamification, we want to build awareness of healthy and balanced eating among younger consumers who spend their free time looking for entertainment on the Internet –says Sebastian Szaraniec, Marketing Communication & Innovation Director atŻabka Polska.

    Virtual world of Żabka on Roblox

    Users of the game „Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!“ enter the futuristic world, the central place of which is the Żabka HQ skyscraper, created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). In the company’s headquarters there is a Żabka store from the future with a special machine, thanks to which you can learn how to consciously use the Nutri-Score system in everyday shopping. In addition, on store shelves, users will find virtual equivalents of products available in Żabka, marked with A and B notes on the Nutri-Score scale.

    The main axis of play in the first season is endless gameplay – players move to the tunnel, where they move uing a jet backpack, and their task is to avoid obstacles and acquire items that will make their gameplay easier. The further a player leads her/his character, the more points they will receive. In the event of hitting an obstacle, the players have a chance to return to the game – to make it possible, they must correctly answer one question about a balanced diet. Earned points can be exchanged for clothes for virtual avatars.

    The concept of the game was created by the Żabka chain in cooperation with the Game Changer agency, which is also responsible for the production of the game. BeLoud is responsible for selecting influencers for the game campaign.

    The game is available at: https://www.roblox.com/games/14348914311/abka-Run-Porcja-DobreGO

    Nutrition program „Porcja DobreGO!“

    The „Porcja DobreGO!“ program aims to promote well-balanced and tasty meals that can be a quick solution at any time of the day, offering a wide range of ready meals and snacks. These are both well-known and liked classics, as well as more exotic flavors and cuisines. The products covered by the program are created out of passion for taste, in cooperation with a dietician who knows best the nutritional deficiencies of Poles and wants them to feel the benefit of „DobreGO!“ meals without remorse. The aim of the initiative is to show that good nutrition does not have to go hand in hand with the time-consuming process of planning and preparing meals – changing the diet on your own conditions can be simple and convenient. A special „Porcja DobreGO!“ designation on private label products, such as Shamamm, Haps, Dobra Karma or Tomcio Paluch, allows you to make more conscious shopping choices – both for yourself and for your loved ones. More information on: https://www.zabka.pl/sprobuj-dobrego


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