03 Nov 2023 11:05AM

    Żabka Non Stop and Żabka Drive – new store formats to make shopping easier

    Żabka Non Stop and Żabka Drive – new store formats to make shopping easier

    Żabka is constantly looking for solutions that make its customers‘ lives easier and free up their time. New store formats are an example of such initiatives. One of them is Żabka Non Stop, which opened in Warsaw. It is a hybrid formula that allows customers to shop 24/7. The second concept is the Żabka Drive store located in Piaseczno, which allows customers to order and pick up products from the Żabka Café offer without leaving their car. Both store formats were opened in a jubilee year for Żabka, in which the chain is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

    Two new Żabka formats have been launched in Warsaw and Piaseczno. Żabka Non Stop is a store that operates as a standard outlet of the Żabka chain between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. – customers will meet a well-known and well-liked salesperson there, the store offers a catering area, all convenient services and a full range of products. On the other hand, during the night hours, i.e. from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., the store turns into an autonomous Żabka Nano, which can be entered using a payment card or the Żappka mobile app with a payment card connected to Żappka Pay, and shopping is unattended and cashless. This means that during the night hours at Żabka Non Stop, all you have to do is take the products of your choice from the shelf and… leave. Regardless of whether we turn up at Żabka Non Stop at 7 a.m. or 1 a.m., there are products from Żabka private label range waiting for us, such as Szamamm ready meals, Tomcio Paluch sandwiches, Foodini liquid snacks, Wycisk juices and lemonades and hot, freshly ground coffee from the coffee machine.

    Another novelty is the Żabka Drive located in Piaseczno, where shopping can be done without getting out of the car. In this store, customers will find an extended range of snacks known from Żabka Café. Available among others are hot dogs, casseroles, burgers, wraps, and paninis, as well as sweet snacks such as cupcakes, doughnuts, and yeast cakes. Lovers of sweet desserts will be pleased to be able to purchase shakes and Italian ice cream. These products are sold in three flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. There will also be a wide assortment of our customers‘ favorite warm drinks, namely aromatic coffees, which can be drunk with both traditional and oat milk.

    For customers who appreciate the opportunity to do traditional shopping, there is a spacious car park adjacent to the store. At Żabka Drive, you will also find a special area where you can sit down, eat, and rest before continuing your journey, as well as a place to charge the batteries in your mobile devices.

    – For 25 years, Żabka’s priority has been to create value for our customers. The new store formats not only respond to their needs but also simplify their lives and free up their time. Żabka Drive and Żabka Non Stop are the results of the path we have taken from small, traditional stores to a modern convenience ecosystem that delivers products and services to more than 3 million customers every day,” – says Adam Manikowski, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Żabka Group, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    New store concepts are created with the active participation of Żabka franchisees, for whom the possibility of running a store in a new format is an opportunity to develop their business. – I have been connected with the Żabka chain for almost 10 years, including 6 years as a franchisee. Initially, I helped my mother, but today I run my store. I have also been a member of the Franchisee Council and a Franchisee Change Partner. Professional and personal development is extremely important to me, hence the decision to run a Żabka Drive store. I am convinced that the new format will meet the expectations of customers on the go, who from now on can reach for their favorite product known from Żabka Café without leaving their car. What’s more, my outlet will be the first to boast delicious shakes, which will certainly have a group of fans of their own,“ emphasizes Patryk Nogaj, franchisee of Żabka Drive in Piaseczno near Warsaw.

    The first Żabka Non Stop is located at 64a Wolska Street in Warsaw, and its sales floor area is 46 sq m. Żabka Drive, on the other hand, is located in Piaseczno at 44d Puławska Street, and its sales floor area is 140 sq m.


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