Responsible organisation 3.2 Governance and responsible management

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    Why is this important?

    Up to 67% investors consider non-financial data when making decisions, translating into an increased importance of reporting information in areas of ESG.. Attention to these issues is increasingly affecting the ease of access to capital markets and, in turn, to financing opportunities. Good corporate governance is especially important, as properly implemented and managed, it can lower risk, increase stability of results and have a positive impact on the business’ creditworthiness and access to capital.. At Żabka Group, we look at the key aspects of our business from the perspective of non-financial factors (ESG) and raise awareness of their importance throughout the value chain, thanks to which we help build the awareness of our investors.

    Our contribution

    Building a comprehensive range of solutions for customers is linked with multifaceted environmental, social and economic impacts. The convenience ecosystem of the Żabka Group is a comprehensive value chain that exerts an influence that is commensurate to its size. We are active in many areas, cooperating with 7,000 domestic and foreign suppliers. The majority of them (98% of the value of our procurement in 2021) are Polish suppliers. Effective management of such a broad impact requires that the highest standards of corporate governance be taken into account and that ESG factors be integrated with decision-making processes. We are aware that our approach to conducting business influences the directions of development of the business partners with whom we cooperate. We are keen to set high ethical standards in this regard. We care about the transparency of the management process, we exercise due diligence in business processes, we regularly report financial and non-financial issues and regularly submit ourselves to independent audits and certification. Thanks to transparency and openness in communication, we build and maintain trust among a wide range of our stakeholders.

    What have we done so far?

    We are perfecting solutions that strengthen our ethical organisational culture. The compliance system in force has been expanded to include the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Employees and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners. Our standards apply throughout the entire value chain. We promote them among our employees, co-workers and business partners, specifying the standards of cooperation that we will expect them to comply with. Through regular training, we convey our ethical principles to employees and co-workers. We have expanded the curriculum of annual compliance training with the requirement to complete training on the provisions of the Code of Conduct and Ethics. In the first year of operation of the new curriculum, 77% of our employees were trained. In order to ensure that all persons employed have familiarised themselves with the principles set out in the Code, this training has been included in the on-boarding process and in the mandatory training curriculum for 2022. Cybersecurity is another part of the digital transformation process. This area is of critical importance for the company, our customers and business partners. That is why we regularly conduct training in this area – 75% of employees have completed dedicated cybersecurity training. In 2022, it was included in the catalogue of compulsory training programmes as well. In addition, internal and external experts offer classes for participants at different level of advancement, adapted to the specific requirements of the individual departments. We want the competences of our employees to enable them face business challenges on a daily basis, simultaneously intending to equip them with the knowledge allowing them to reduce data protection risks. We expanded our knowledge on this issue while preparing for the ISO 27001 certification, which we received in the second quarter of 2022, completed after an audit confirming its fulfilment of the norms. During the reporting period, we did not record any customer data loss events.

    „The establishment of a cooperation framework based on our values is a step towards achieving our business goals. That is why the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Employees of the Żabka Group was created. It is a compass that it will make it easier to take daily decisions and solve potential ethical dilemmas. We wanted the Code to be as practical and universal as possible. We also intended it to closely reflect dilemmas that each employee may face, regardless of the department or team in which they work. Therefore, many representatives of the company participated in the work on the Code. Thank you very much for your time and commitment.”

    Jolanta Bańczerowska
    Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer

    „To ensure that data of the organisation is properly secured, we have decided to implement ISO 27001, an international standard setting forth the requirements for the establishment, maintenance and development of information security management systems. Being aware of the importance of information used and processed by the Company, we are implementing organisational and technical safeguards guaranteeing such protection. Simultaneously, while remaining open to new solutions, we believe that ISO27001 naturally fits in with our company’s policy of maintaining credibility towards our customers, franchisees and business partners.”

    Marta Urbaniak
    ISO Officer

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