Green planet 4.1 Circularity

    zabka group's electric cars, in order to reduce the carbon print and support the idea of green planet
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    Our progress in 2022

    We have made significant progress with our Circularity Programme, including the agreement of a programme roadmap with strategic goals. We’ve completed the analysis of all packaging materials in our own brand products, and we’ve implemented a packaging strategy. 

    As result, we have transformed the packaging of our products to make them more eco-friendly, according to our eco-design policy. Examples include burger plates made from recycled and mono materials, ceasing the use of foil for our Szamamm brand and eliminating the use of black colouring in the packaging for sauces at the Żabka Café. 

    Moreover, we promote the multiple usage of bottles, whether plastic or glass. We encourage customers to bring empty beer bottles to nearby Żabka stores and rewarding them with additional discount. We started implementation of Water Refillomats by providing machines at stores where customers can fill their own bottles with water and plan to install a further nine machines in the near future. 

    We also collaborate closely with our franchisees to increase the impact of our Circularity Programme – in Naturally Together programme, we support them in the collection of plastics and paper, which are forwarded to recycling. Together we enabled the recycling of 15,000 tonnes of materials. We encourage everyone to donate empty bottles and cans. 

    We do it already through our 29 EKOmat machines located in Poznań, Warsaw and Łódź – we collected so far 560,000 PET bottles and 260,000 aluminium cans. Moreover, we started the pilot project of the deposit system ‘Green Renewal’ in every store in Bydgoszcz which allow selective collection of plastic and metal bottles. 

    Moreover, supporting our customers in making more environmentally aware decisions every day, during the summer, we launched a ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ selling coffee at a discount to customers who bring their own mugs. All those activities enabled us to achieve plastic neutrality in our own operations the third successive year. 

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