17 Mar 2022 9:19AM

    Fast delivery, high-quality products, and cooperation with local suppliers. The pilot of Delio, a new service from Lite e-Commerce has started

    What's up with us?

    Fast delivery, high-quality products, and cooperation with local suppliers. The pilot of Delio, a new service from Lite e-Commerce has started

    Lite e-Commerce has launched a shopping delivery service pilot in the “express same-day delivery” model called Delio. In the initial phase of its activity, the platform will be available to residents of Warsaw, but the startup promises a rapid expansion. The distinctive features of the solution are fast delivery on the same day, a wide range of local products, and competitive prices.

    Startup Lite e-Commerce is responsible for the implementation and development of e-commerce solutions in Żabka Group, and the launch of Delio is the next step – after Jush application – towards building the company’s market potential. The investment in new services is aimed at accelerating the development of online trade of the largest modern convenience chain in Poland. Pilot Delio started in Warsaw, which is the largest local market in Poland. The service covers almost the entire capital. It is also planned to expand its activities to include more cities in Poland. Orders can be made at: https://delio.com.pl

    Customers expect fast, ultra-modern, and convenient online solutions that are tailored to their daily needs. We want to offer new quality in the “express same-day delivery” market. Delio’s goal is to deliver a wide range of top-quality products at affordable prices very quickly. Customers will find all the food products they need here. We also offer them the fastest delivery in this sector, even within an hour of placing an order. This is our response to the lack of free time, which has become a sign of the modern world – says Wojciech Krok, CEO Lite e-Commerce.

    Delio resembles a classic supermarket, with a range much wider than traditional q-commerce solutions. Everyone will find something for themselves on the platform. Both lovers of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, or seafood, as well as people looking for vegan and organic products. Much of this comes from local suppliers. The purchases are packed in biodegradable bags, which can later be used as… a component of compost. What will also delight fans of zero and less waste, all packaging used by Delio is purchased from Polish manufacturers, thanks to which Lite e-Commerce limits its carbon footprint.

    The philosophy of Lite e-Commerce activity and our motto is very simple: we offer services that we would like to use ourselves. The solutions proposed by us are intended to make the everyday life of Poles easier and more pleasant. The synergy of our two services brings great value to our startup. It allows the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Also, the rich experience of the first months of the Jush application was extremely helpful in implementing Delio. The environmental aspect is also important to us. It’s not only working with local suppliers and environmentally friendly packaging but also zero-emission electric scooters in our fleet – explains Maciej Nowakowski, COO Lite e-Commerce.

    Conscious shopping in Delio

    Recent years have brought about major changes in the behavior of consumers who, when shopping, are not only concerned with the welfare of their wallet, but also of the environment. Delio encourages its users to buy wisely. Therefore, the developers of the solution encourage to choose quality products, coming from local suppliers.

    Our offer is growing day by day. We carefully select partners with whom we cooperate. Customers are looking not only for fast and flexible solutions. What matters to them is the quality of the products that we can guarantee. Our fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread, as well as meat and seafood, deserve special attention. These products are sourced from local suppliers so we can control their quality and provide our customers with the best shopping experience while remaining a very attractive platform – lists Zuzanna Dębkowska, CAO in Lite e-Commerce.

    Everything you want today, seven days a week

    Delio orders are delivered daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and you can choose your preferred pick-up date for your purchases. The page displays the available times of the same and the next day. Lite e-Commerce ensures that it offers the fastest delivery in the express same-day delivery model. Delivery within the service costs 5.99 PLN, but when the value of the basket exceeds 80 PLN, it is free.

    User promotion

    Lite e-Commerce prepared a promotional action for all Delio users. Under it, every person who registers in the service will receive a 30 PLN discount on five orders, if the value of the basket exceeds 100 PLN. Customers will also get free delivery. Thanks to the promotion you can save up to 150 PLN. The promotion campaign is valid until May 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.


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