25 Mar 2022 9:55AM

    Jush supports Ukraine and invites customers to help as part of the #RAZEMWIĘCEJ campaign

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    Jush supports Ukraine and invites customers to help as part of the #RAZEMWIĘCEJ campaign

    Jush has joined the #RAZEMWIĘCEJ campaign of the Żabka Group, supports the citizens of Ukraine and makes this possible for customers. While shopping, customers may add basic necessities for refugees to their baskets. Startup Lite e-Commerce, responsible for the service, doesn’t earn on these products, so articles are offered at lower prices. Previously, Jush encouraging users to join the action provided nearly 4 tons of basic necessities to refugees.

    A special category of products under the name “Support Ukraine” is highlighted in the Jush app. This category lists 10 basic products that are most needed at the moment. Those items has been selected as the most urgent and will be updated depending on the demand for them. Lite e-Commerce forwent profits from the sale of those products, so their prices has been significantly reduced.

    Current events are a shock to all of us. No words can describe what we feel in case of war in Ukraine. Therefore, it was natural for us to take real actions – said Zuzanna Dębowska, Chief Assortment Officer at Lite e-Commerce.

    While shopping, customers may add to their baskets products intended to help refugees. Courier will bring the customer’s order to the door in 15 minutes and products bought for the Ukrainian citizens will be put away from the shelf and then collectively delivered to the collection point in Warsaw. Startup Lite e-Commerce is financially involved in the action. Therefore selected products are available at lower prices. In addition to being placed in a separate category, they are also specially marked with a “Donate to Ukraine” label. Importantly for users, the company will also take care of all logistics. When the basket doesn’t reach 35 PLN and doesn’t fulfill the requirements for free delivery, 3.99 PLN for transport of the order will be transferred to support refugees.

    It’s obvious action for us to enable our customers to support the citizens of Ukraine. We cover costs of delivery and forgo profit on the sale of these products. We are also responsible for the logistics, so products go directly to those people, who need them the most – Dębowska added.

    Earlier, Lite e-Commerce, due to Russian aggression in Ukraine, decided to withdraw all Russian and Belarusian products from Jush’s offer. On the occasion of Women’s Day, Jush also made a donation to the “EuroHelp” organisation, which currently focuses on supporting women and children from Ukraine.

    #RAZEMWIĘCEJ. These words have even more power in the current situation. We hope that our app users will be eager to use launched functionality. Together we can do much more  – Kamil Bąkowski added, Marketing & e-Commerce Director Jush, Lite e-Commerce.


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