27 Jul 2023 11:27AM

    Madness in Żappka! Over a million Żabu characters!

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    Madness in Żappka! Over a million Żabu characters!

    At the end of March this year, Żabka chain finished testing the game and made it available to all users of Żappka mobile app. Over three months, more than one million users of the app have undertaken to breed and take care of their own Żabu and almost 13,000 of them have completed the game. It is the only retail game on the European market. It is most popular among people aged between 20 and 24. The most popular asset to play, to which players have traded their żapps, are tickets for The Żabing Stones concert. From July 27 onwards, Żabu game has new features and you can win even more attractive prizes.

    We are working on developing and improving Żabu game to maximize its impact on the audience. We see great potential in terms of presenting in the game the products and services developed by us in cooperation with partners, as well as in terms of integrating the world of Żabu with the latest technologies. We want to personalize our message in the best way possible, making the use of the module more attractive. Żabu in the new, refreshed version will be even more interactive, which means that it will react – literally – to the actions of the player – says Sebastian Szaraniec, Marketing Communication & Innovation Director in Żabka Polska.

    New features made available in the game include Żabu revival in exchange for żapps, magic elixirs to allow players to jump to a higher level of the game or to improve the life of Żabu, new minigames to allow users to compete with other players and get free products. In Żabu in early August will also appear missions, that is, known and liked from the application Żappka challenges, but in the version of Żabu.

    There was also a redesign of the minigames and the possibility of competition between users. A scoreboard has been put in place to keep track of the state of the competition, and the top three players will receive a free product voucher every week. Players can also count on new rewards throughout the game, such as żapps discounts, partner discount vouchers, or discounts to use in Żabka Nano autonomous stores.

    The game will also promote healthy eating habits – among the products to win in “Grab a portion of DobreGO!” will appear well-known from the range of Żabka chain products, such as liquid fruity Foodini snacks, s! shots, and Dobra Karma salads.

    The only retail game available in the app in Europe

    Żabu is a 3D animated virtual frog that responds to customer behavior: it expands and gains levels, depending on the purchases made by the player, also those made with the collected żapps. Users can personalize their Żabu character by purchasing different types of accessories. The game involves breeding and regular care for the character of Żabu. When the desired levels are reached, the players will be waiting for boxes of prizes – free żappas, products, or discounts on purchases.

    The creative concept and the comprehensive creation of Żabu module for iOS/Android systems (with a back-end based on MS Azure solution) is the responsibility of 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT. Future Mind, Synerise, and Netguru are also technology partners in the project. The service in social media is provided by the Cukier agency.

    Żappka users chose Żabu

    Developing the game was preceded by research among users of Żappka application – the most highly rated idea was just the implementation of the game (as much as 85% of indications). The research was also aimed at selecting the features that are most attractive to the chain’s customers – respondents rated the gamification very highly. During the testing process, the player was also asked about the optimal appearance of the game and its name. As many as 80% of the target audience chose Żabu.

    Żappka among the most popular mobile applications in Poland

    Żappka app was launched four years ago. Currently, it is one of the most popular mobile applications in Poland – it has been downloaded more than 11 million times and is actively used by more than 6 million users. It is the first ecosystem on the market that combines the mechanism of the loyalty program and activities that influence customer activity and engagement. It allows you to accumulate points (żapps) and exchange them for products available in stores. With the application, you can also access convenient services and unique solutions, such as the “Kawonament”, i.e. a coffee subscription, or the aforementioned addictive Żabu gamification play.

    The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

    More information at: https://www.zabka.pl/aplikacja-zappka


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