11 Feb 2022 20:37PM

    Plant Hunter named the Plant Game Changer of the Year 2021!

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    Plant Hunter named the Plant Game Changer of the Year 2021!

    Plant Hunter, the first 100% plant-based brand created by Żabka, was ranked 2nd in the 2021 Plant Game Changer category in the RoślinnieJemy poll. This category rewards companies that are changing the food industry to a more environmentally friendly one. In total, more than 150 products were submitted to the competition, and 70 were eventually nominated in six categories: New Plant Brand, Best Plant Debut in Catering, Chefs for Change Award for Best Plant Product for Catering, Best Plant Marketing Strategy, Plant Game Changer and Best Plant Product of the Year.

    This year the plebiscite was organized for the fourth time. For food producers, this is an important distinction because it comes directly from consumers, the people for whom they create their products.

    – We are pleased that our efforts to develop meat-free products are being recognized by an increasing number of consumers. Due to the scale of our activity – 8 000 stores throughout Poland, both in agglomerations and small towns – we can be a company that democratizes plant products and gives Poles access to them. Plant Hunter stands for the highest quality fully plant products. Last year we enjoyed the success of the 100% plant-based burger Wegger, which won second place in the category for Best Plant Product of the Year, in this year’s edition we celebrate the success of Plant Hunter, i.e. Plant Game Changer of the year 2021. Consumers will soon be able to enjoy an even greater choice of goods in this category. – says Jarosław Serednicki, Marketing Communications Director at Żabka Polska.

    Plant Hunter products have 100% plant-based composition. They do not contain preservatives and palm oil. They have been prepared in collaboration with chefs and provide a delicious alternative to animal products. They are also ideal for people who live fast and do not have time to cook tasty and well balanced meals on their own. They are suitable for consumption offhandedly or, in the case of lunch dishes, after a short heating in a microwave.

    Plant Hunter offers lunch: Bolognese-like Spaghetti, Chicken-like Strogonow or Chicken-like Cream Tagliatelle, which instead of meat have a plant replacement based on soy (without GMO). Customers can also be tempted to taste Greek-like Salad, Scratchings-like Lard or Ham-like Slices or Ham-like Slices with Mushrooms. Sweet snacks are also a great treat: cream bar with a taste of salty caramel or nuts.

    Żabka chain, by creating its offer, tries to respond to current nutritional trends and needs of modern consumers. The introduction of Plant Hunter private label is another step in the development of the range of 100% plant-based products, of which several dozen already exist in the offer of Żabka. These include plant-based beverages and smoothies (under such brands as Foodini, Alpro, Starbucks), desserts and yogurts (brand Ave Vege Bakoma), ready meals and burgers (Shamamm, Dobra Kaloria), as well as a warm and fast snack – hot dog without meat (Żabka Cafe).

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