10 Feb 2022 15:42PM

    Smart Żabka No. 8000 opened in Sieraków (the Greater Poland Voivodeship)

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    Smart Żabka No. 8000 opened in Sieraków (the Greater Poland Voivodeship)

    The 8000th store of the Żabka chain was opened on February 10. The facility is located in the area of Sieraków, a town located on the edge of the Notecka Forest, between two lakes: Jaroszewskie and Lutomskie. It is the first Żabka store in this town, run by a local franchisee. Innovative technological solutions have been applied in the shop, aimed at improving the work of franchisees and sales clerks. Flood sensors, automatic temperature measurement in the store, or communication through headphones free their time, allow them to focus on customer service, and are environmentally friendly. The residents of the town will also benefit from: a bicycle stand, bicycle repair station, and ecological solar bench for phone charging.

    – Żabka constantly strives to be as close to customers as possible and to develop local entrepreneurship. In 2021 we opened 1000 stores. Today, our network operates 8000 stores, which provide over 30 thousand jobs. We are also expanding in towns with a population under 50 thousand residents. Many of them are locations where – like in Sieraków – there was no Żabka store before. We continually support franchisees with many tools that make doing business easier. The Żabka in Sieraków is the first store with innovative technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, which cooperate with the shop assistants – says Adam Manikowski, Managing Director of Żabka chain.

    The development of entrepreneurship is crucial for Żabka. Last year, the franchisees opened new stores in 338 municipalities, of which 116 were the first in a given location. Żabka stores were first established mainly in rural (59) and rural-urban (49) municipalities. Most of the new outlets were opened by Żabka in Masovia and Silesia, but it was in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship that in 2021 a Żabka store was opened in the smallest town, namely in Suchań having 1 490 inhabitants.

    Store no. 8000 at 1 Armii Krajowej Street in Sieraków is equipped with smart solutions that “communicate” with the franchisee and sales clerks and “perform” certain activities in the facility. Thanks to the headphones, the shop assistants receive messages regarding the possible breakdown of refrigeration equipment and the need to secure the goods, or information about situations requiring human intervention, such as no sausages on a roller or coffee in the coffee machine and the need to clean these devices. Thanks to appropriate sensors, it is easy to adjust the temperature in the store to the current weather conditions, measurement of energy consumption allows to verify the correct operation of the equipment, and flood sensors detect faults of refrigeration equipment, resulting in lower costs and reducing store downtime.

    – I decided to continue the family tradition. I’ve been in contact with Żabka for as long as I remember because both of my parents run their facilities under the chain’s banner. I helped them in business – so I have practical knowledge about the franchise with Żabka. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to manage the 8000th chain’s store in Poland. In addition, my shop will be distinguished by several smart tools, as well as stands and a bicycle repair station –notes franchisee Julita Szulczyk.

    Sieraków is a town with over 6 thousand inhabitants located on the Warta River, on the edge of the Notecka Forest, on the border between the Gorzów Basin and the Poznań Lake District, between two lakes: Jaroszewskie and Lutomskie. The town is associated primarily with horses – for 180 years the Stado Ogierów has been operating here; it has been breeding horses of the Greater Poland breed and Polish Ponies. However, by far the most people come to Sieraków to enjoy the attractions offered by the Jaroszewskie Lake and Sierakowski Landscape Park. Five reserves, numerous hiking, cycling, kayaking, and educational trails attract not only residents to Sieraków.

    It is with them in mind, next to the 8000th Żabka store, that a bicycle repair station was installed, thanks to which one can quickly adjust brakes and gears, inflate wheels, as well as make emergency repairs. The adjacent green bench will allow you to recharge your phone in a very environmentally safe way. 


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