04 Aug 2022 16:20PM

    Take-out coffee and delio will accompany residents of Warsaw, Piaseczno, and Konstancin on summer weekends.

    What's up with us?

    Take-out coffee and delio will accompany residents of Warsaw, Piaseczno, and Konstancin on summer weekends.

    The online delio supermarket comes out of the virtual world and goes into the city. From this weekend, residents of Warsaw, Piaseczno, Józefosław, and Konstancin will have the opportunity to meet in the most popular parks a mobile café organized by delio. Anyone interested will be able to drink coffee for free and also, thanks to QR codes… make delio purchases.

    Every weekend until mid-September, the mobile café will appear on popular walking routes in places where the online delio supermarket works. Its range is growing day by day and now stands at over 5000 products. Walkers at the coffee cup will be able to see the delio potential that the hostess will tell them about. In some locations, the online supermarket will present the breadth of its offer with the help of a refrigerator and QR codes.

    Scan, review, and buy

    In some locations at the mobile café will stand a special fridge with the slogan of the action “Full fridge at your fingertips”. It will be filled with examples of food products from the numerous categories that are found in delio. Each of them will have a QR code – after scanning it, the user will move to the page with the given article. In the next step, simply add it to your cart and continue shopping via dedicated codes or only through the site. An assistant will also be present to help you make your first purchases on the delio website and to discuss the possibilities offered by the service.

    Our action lasts five weeks, until September 11. You will be able to meet us in locations where Poles are most eager to spend their free time. We want to get out of the Internet and show that with us they can save the most valuable currency in the world, which is time –says Maciej Nowakowski, COO of Lite e-Commerce.

    On the first weekend of August, the mobile café of the online supermarket delio will visit Piaseczno. Residents will come across it both on Saturday and Sunday in the Dukes of Mazovia City Park. Next Saturday, the café will not leave Piaseczno yet. It will be encountered by people who rest in nature on August 13 in the area of the Szymon Hills. A day later, the café will visit Nivea Park in Józefosław. On the other hand, the last two weekends of August are an opportunity for Warsaw residents, who will be able to familiarize themselves with delio possibilities first at the Brzozowy Woods Park in Ursynów and then at the Brustman Ponds in Bielany. Information about the next locations will be available on delio Instagram.

    delio – assistant in daily shopping

    delio argues that the service offered is based on simple assumptions – it wants to respond to the needs of customers who appreciate high quality, look for a wide range of products, and at the same time faced by a multitude of duties they want to find time for what is important to them. Solution developers compare delio to a daily assistant that not only delivers what customers need but also makes shopping easier and much faster. Among other things, this will ensure the fastest delivery of products in this market segment, which, combined with a large selection of articles, will ensure that users do not have to plan their purchases a few days ahead. What’s more, delio offers a special promotion, which next to time will save you money.

    For both new and old users, there is a special code “SUMMER” (remember the capital letters), thanks to which they can save up to PLN 400. To activate the promotion, it is enough that the value of the ordered products exceeds PLN 100. After entering the code in the cart, the discount will be automatically calculated. The action lasts until September 30 this year. The Terms and Conditions of the Special are available at delio.com.pl

    Orders are delivered daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., also on Sundays and holidays. What’s more, during the purchase process we can choose the optimal delivery date, even within an hour of placing your order.

    Orders can be made at: www.delio.com.pl.


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