14 Jun 2022 16:00PM

    The Żabka Group publishes a report summarizing the implementation of the Responsibility Strategy for 2021

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    The Żabka Group publishes a report summarizing the implementation of the Responsibility Strategy for 2021

    The Żabka Group implements a comprehensive Responsibility Strategy, which is fully integrated into the business strategy of the organization. The fourth Responsibility Report is a summary of the activities undertaken in the framework of the Fourth Responsibility Report, prepared following the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). In the publication, the Żabka Group presented for the first time the impact of its activities on the Polish economy, expressed in PLN 5.3 billion of added value in 2021 and the number of 45.4 thousand jobs maintained throughout the country.

    Last year, which was also the second year of the pandemic, established Żabka’s skills for flexible organization management, efficient use of technology, and taking into account the probability of different scenarios in the implementation of flagship projects. A very important step was the establishment of the Żabka Group, thanks to which a unique ecosystem of convenience solutions was created, to make customers’ everyday life easier. The creation of the Group also involved the adoption of a new model of action, based on three elements: the transformation of the format of modern convenience, technological development, and the integration of responsibility.

    – Our company is among the 1% of companies in the world, which according to the EcoVadis rating integrate ESG factors best into their strategy and operational activities. We want to plan responsibly the development of our entire organization and support conscious and sustainable choices for millions of customers – This brings together real changes that have a positive impact on our environment and the natural environment – said Tomasz Suchański, President of the Management Board of Żabka Group.

    Convenience ecosystem

    Żabka Polska continues to be the largest organizational unit within the Group. It comprises more than 8,300 stores, operated by more than 7,000 franchisees. A new business unit within the Group – Żabka Future, is engaged in business search and creation. Thanks to the acquisitions made by Żabka Future, the Group has been expanded with strong e-commerce platforms. Among them was the leader of diet catering Maczfit and the marketplace Dietly.pl. Żabka Future is also Europe’s largest chain of Żabka Nano autonomous shops, the first of which opened a year ago. Moreover, q-commerce Żabka Jush! and Delio we launched in the newly created Lite e-commerce start-up. The Strategy and Central Functions Area is also active within the Group, consisting of teams responsible for setting the directions of the Group’s development and developing strategies, including ESG, consumer, personnel, and financial. The new organization of the company allowed to maintain the high dynamics of opening the Żabka stores, with over 1100 new stores established in 2021.

    All employees, co-workers, franchisees, customers, and trading partners are involved in the implementation of our ESG strategy. In this way, in 2021 we were able to take many important actions, which among others have reduced our carbon footprint, enabled our customers to access sustainable lifestyle products, and provided our franchisees with even greater financial security and modern business management solutions. – says Anna Grabowska, Vice President of the Management Board for Consumer Strategy, Żabka Group.

    Responsibility Report for 2021

    The report “Convenience and Responsibility” is the fourth Responsibility Report prepared by the Żabka Group. The information, which can be found on nearly 100 pages, presents a summary of selected actions implemented by the Żabka Group under the Responsibility Strategy in 2021.

    The report also includes a report on the achievement of the objectives defined in the 4 strategic pillars: Pillar 01 – Sustainable lifestyle, Pillar 02 Mindful business impact, Pillar 03 – Responsible organization, and Pillar 04 – Green planet. The results of the actions are presented transparently in the 2021 scoreboard in the context of selected actions undertaken by the Group in the area of sustainable development. The report also published information on the support given to various stakeholder groups during the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as Ukrainian citizens affected by the war for more than 100 days.

    The report “Conveniently and Responsibly” has been prepared per the latest non-financial reporting standards Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). In addition, it includes information on reporting on the implementation of the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, following the Communication on Progress (CoP) guidelines, and recommendations included in the publication of the World Economic Forum – Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism: Towards Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation and information on the organization’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The report has once again been subject to independent, external verification.

    The Żabka Group’s Responsibility Report is also available electronically: Responsibility Report 2021


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